Companies that make white devices: Make my phone undirtyable!

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I'm almost completely switched from my iPhone to my Galaxy Nexus, but I still enjoy a good Infinity Blade 2 gaming session once in a while, so I carry my iPhone 4S with me in my unoccupied pocket. 

That's my iPhone up there. It's white; when I originally bought it, it was beautiful, too. But now, dust, dirt, and grime have collected in the crevices and grooves that are all around the phone. And the worst thing is that my home button has turned yellow!

This is my fault: I should've known that a beautiful white phone would've gotten dirty eventually. But then again, why should a phone that costs about $700 become ugly? It's not just the iPhone, either. The white HTC One X falls victim to ugliness as well – if you wear jeans. 

I'm not rough on my devices, and I'm sure most owners of expensive phones aren't, either. We only slide them in and out of our pockets and touch them with (hopefully) clean fingers, which is what we bought them for: to use!

You'd think that with all of the innovation going on right now, companies would stop to make sure that their devices don't look like they've been to hell and back after a few months. Unfortunately, that's not what's happening. I don't understand why it has to happen in the first place, because I assumed that the job of designers was to make a device that will look as good the day it dies as it did the day you took it out of the box.

Until Company X says, "Look at this completely invincible and invisible film we've put on our phones! It keeps them looking as beautiful as day one for at least the length of your contract!" I'm going to keep to black devices. It's really a shame, as some of my favorite devices are white.

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