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Penultimate has been mentioned quite a lot on the site, and the reason is simple: it’s a great app for the iPad. Feature-wise it’s lacking compared to other note taking apps, but the quality of the features it does have is what makes it such a hugely popular app. Popular enough to get the attention of Evernote, it seems, as it just bought the entire thing, complete with the developer. The merge means that the founder of Penultimate will now join the team working on handwriting features in Evernote, while at the same time leaving Penultimate as a standalone app that will be mostly untouched from the merge with exception of better Evernote integration – including handwriting recognition.

I’ve never much like Evernote because it’s always been a consumer oriented note taking system that falls completely on its ass once you compare it to some standalone iPad apps like Notes Plus with its handwriting recognition and Goodnotes with its iPen integration. Penultimate has always managed to remain on my device though because it does simplicity so well, so if this merge ends up creating a Penultimate that has more to offer, I’m all for that. The thing I’m hoping for the most though is that the input from the Penultimate developer will eventually lead to Evernote being a proper handwriting-enabled note taking app also on Android, as there aren’t any good ones on there right now.


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