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HTC EVO 3D kernel released that solves leaked ICS/Sense 3.6 ROM boot-loop issues

The old standby kernel photo that it's time to re-takeA few days ago a leaked ICS build for Virgin Mobile came out for the HTC EVO 3D.  While people were initially instructed to install the leaked Virgin Mobile firmware update, many found that as long as their radios were up to date on Sprint there was no need to do so. Some, however, descended into a series of bootloops that rendered their phones useless, forcing a nandroid flash back to a previous ROM.

The cause evidently was older versions of the OTA radio firmware, which were corrected by the Virgin Mobile firmware at the cost of your phone's usability (do not flash the Virgin Mobile firmware).

The solution for most afflicted with the bootloops was just provided by Chad Goodman, the developer of the AnthraX series of kernels, in a nifty little tide-me-over kernel release for those wanting ICS/Sense 3.6 on their HTC EVO 3Ds before the official drop.

The only downside is the kernel breaks USB data while it's installed. Not horribly difficult to get around, but may impact your enjoyment of a new ROM.

If you're unsure if you will be affected by the kernel/firmware issues and you want to try flashing a new ICS/Sense 3.6 ROM, might ought to go ahead and have this on standby on your SD card in case you get stuck in a boot loop.

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