HTC explains why it’s always 10:08 on all of its phones


Ever wonder why it's always 10:08 on all official HTC smartphone materials? HTC recently asked its Facebook fans if they had any ideas, and some of the answers were particularly amusing.

One user guessed that it corresponded to the month and year that the first Android smartphone, the T-Mobile G1, was released. (No, that's not it, but that's a really good guess, and an awesome coincidence!)

Another guessed that an ad designer randomly selected 10:08 one time, and everyone was just too lazy to change it afterwards. (Another good guess!) And yet another person pointed out that an analogue clock looks like it's smiling at 10:08.

But what's the real reason? 10:08 is actually the time during which a 12-hour digital clock has the maximum number of digit "segments" turned on. (Since 88:88 doesn't exist, we'll just have to settle on 10:08.) How's that for some fun, useless trivial on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend?

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