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Internal Sprint docs related to HTC EVO 4G LTE leaked and ready to download


Four new internal Sprint documents related to the HTC EVO 4G have been leaked and are now ready for you to download and enjoy. This, of course, adds to the ever-growing EVO 4G LTE reading list, which also includes the user guide and "Get Started" guide.

Here are the additions, all in Microsoft Word format:

  1. The official EVO 4G LTE Fact Sheet: this includes an overview of the features, capabilities, battery life, what is in the box, and accessories for the device.
  2. The EVO 4G LTE Solution Matrix: this includes basic troubleshooting and usage instructions for the device.
  3. The EVO 4G LTE Programming Guide: this includes steps to program the device.
  4. The EVO 4G LTE Power on Troubleshooting Steps: Sprint's guide to fixing your device when it won't power on.

There's plenty in the above links to keep you busy until your EVO 4G LTE arrives next week. Happy reading!

[Inside Sprint Now]
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14 thoughts on “Internal Sprint docs related to HTC EVO 4G LTE leaked and ready to download

  • Avatar of MondoGordo

    HAHAHA … “Battery: Standard Lithium (Li-ion) 200mAh embedded battery provides up to hours of continuous talk time.”

  • Avatar of MondoGordo

    the fact sheet needs to be fact checked … • Processor/Chipset: Qualcomm MSM8660 1.5 GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 processor + SQN 1210 Mobile WiMAX

    WiMAX ?!?! Really ?

  • lol, I noticed that too. Fail

  • It also says it’s got a home key, menu key, back key, and search key – um, no. Back, home, and multitasking keys – that’s it.

  • Is it possible they’re using a chipset that’s compatible with WiMAX, but will simply be disabled?

  • Avatar of MondoGordo

    Possibly … but since it doesn’t mention its LTE chipset, I think it’s more likely that this is an editing error on the part of the person who created the document.

    Sprint is a pretty big outfit and I know from personal experience that the bigger the organization, the more likely it is that documentation(esp. internal) will be incorrect.

    BTW … love the blog … great work !!

  • My Current EVO 4G easily (and freely) roams to Verizon as needed.

    Will the new device do so? Will it roam in 4G mode?

  • to program: “Where to Locate the ESN/MEID:
    • The MEID can be found in two places.
    o Underneath the battery in the phone on the right side of the barcode sticker.
     Turn off the phone and remove the battery to view.

    underneath the inaccessible, non removable battery lol

  • im excited about blue tooth hid, (blue tooth keyboards) witch is the main reason i flashed cm7, although admittedly i hardly ever use it.

  • and it says it has a QWERTY keyboard…

    obviously not very accurate

  • What most likely happened is the person creating the document used a pre-existing fact sheet from a previous phone and is just updating it to reflect the specifics of this phone. Probably not done yet. It is a leak after all. We should not be surprised to see an unfinished project.

  • Husband got new evo lte wants to know how to continue ringtones and notifications for individuals on new evo please help


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