International HTC One X gets another OTA update to 1.29.401.11

One-x-update-12940111The international quad-core (Tegra 3) version of the HTC One X just received another OTA update today, bumping its version number up to 1.29.401.11 and bringing with it some minor bug fixes. It’s a relatively small update at only 14MB, but users who have installed it are reporting that this update fixes some issues with the screen flickering and USB storage. However, others are still reporting WiFi connectivity problems.

We are also getting reports that O2 users in the UK are finally getting the update to 1.29.401.7, which is good news, as a late update is better than no update.

To check and see if this OTA update is available for you, just go to Settings > About phone > Software updates. As always, if you are rooted, you should proceed with caution as you could lose root abilities. For all others, enjoy the update, and let us know if you notice anything else that’s updated.

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6 thoughts on “International HTC One X gets another OTA update to 1.29.401.11

  • Avatar of John rosenberg

    After this update the auto rotate screen dosn’t World anmode

  • I can seem to install the ota update as my htc one x is rooted, can anyone help with this?

  • Avatar of John Rosenberg

    After this update the auto rotating screen function dosn’t Work anymore.
    Anyone have a solution on this problem ?

    May 19, 2012 at 12:10 PM

  • Re-flash to original recovery, install OTA. re-flash CWM, Re-root ^^

  • Turn off the phone, put on flat surface and switch on (do not move phone). Once the phone powers on, go into settings and recalibrate sensor (on flat surface). Sometimes when you install apps this happens, just repeat the above. Works for me!

  • Telecom New Zealand still have HTC One X owners such as myself still stuck on 1.26 because their still “testing” new releases…


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