My favorite mobile social network aggregator is TweetDeck

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I love aggregating my means of communication. My life can sometimes get hectic, so it’s nice to have very few places to go to in order to get all of my communicating done.

Some of the less important communicating I do is in social networks. The two networks I use most are Twitter and Facebook; I also use Google+ on occasion, but most of my “real-life” friends are on Facebook, so the latter is the site I visit most often. It’s followed by Twitter, which I also love to use – even if hardly anyone is listening.

But sometimes, my tweets are about the same things my Facebook statuses cover; likewise, my Facebook statuses can read similarly to my Twitter feed. This realization only came to me today – and I’ve finally picked a social network aggregator for me. It’s called TweetDeck (you’ve probably heard of it), but it does so much more than tweeting.

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Before I begin, I should clarify that I’m using Android 4.0.4 – I can’t say that other versions of Android look the same since my Galaxy Nexus is my only Android device (that works). Anyway, TweetDeck’s UI is very simple; it’s even more simple than Twitter or Facebook. Luckily, that simplicity does not take away functionality. If you tap on a Facebook status (blue), you can like it, comment on it, or choose from a number of other options; if you tap on a tweet (grey), you can reply to it, retweet it, star it, or – again – choose from a number of other options to get to your desired action.

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Obviously, reading tweets and statuses isn’t the only thing that TweetDeck excels at: it can also post those things, too – and at the same time, to boot. When you go to compose a status or a tweet, you’re given the option to choose which service to use. You can also choose both by switching both account avatars to the down position. Up above is an example of a test I sent out earlier today. The status and tweet were sent out simultaneously without any extra effort from me; quick and easy, just the way I like things!

The best part about TweetDeck – aside from its awesome simplicity and functionality – is its price: free, with no ads. Twitter actually owns TweetDeck, so that’s why it can continue to cost nothing and stay ad-free. I suggest you take a look at TweetDeck if you haven’t already. It’s a beautifully-made app that also cuts down the time you spend trying to update your friends and family. What more could you ask for?

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