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Poll: Have you been able to get your HTC EVO 4G LTE yet?

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A few weeks ago, we asked you if you were planning on preordering the HTC EVO 4G LTE. The results are in, and they appear above: as it turns out, almost three-quarters of all Good and EVO readers who responded said they already preordered it, they plan to preorder it soon, or they’re waiting until shortly after it’s officially released. On the other hand, just under 27% of respondents said that the latest EVO is not for them.

Well, as most of us know by now, preorders have started arriving for some lucky folks who ordered through Sprint or a few other third-party retailers, but lots of people are still waiting. The original release date of May 18 was pushed back indefinitely due to the US Customs debacle, and Sprint has yet to officially announce a new release date (although we’re expecting that announcement to come at any moment).

In any case, we want to know: now that almost two weeks have passed since May 18, and it’s been a week since some people got their preorders, what situation do you currently find yourself in? If you’ve preordered the EVO 4G LTE, have you gotten it yet? Take part in our poll below, and help us figure out how widespread the availability problem really is.

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