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ROM Picks: inbREDed 5.1 ICS for the CDMA HTC EVO 3D

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inbREDed 5.1 ICS is a very themed and refined Sense 3.6 / Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 ROM for CDMA/Sprint versions of the HTC EVO 3D based off of a leaked Virgin Mobile ROM. It does not require any firmware updates to operate, although if you’ve had bootloop problems with other ICS offerings you’ll have the same issues here and need to get a special kernel to fix it.

The ROM includes new Adreno 220 drivers to fix screen tearing and get better FPS speed. As a result, it’s getting about 3200 on Quadrant Standard without any modifications. It also adds the force-roaming and Sprint roaming mode tweaks to the Virgin Mobile base, something that the Virgin Mobile leak does not include.

Among the tweaks are Beats audio over Bluetooth (and headset,) XLoud, Media Sync, themed versions of most popular apps, hardware acceleration enabled in most of the APKs, the 4×5 Rosie mod which allows for more screen space, and the inbREDed Tweaks (which remind me quite a bit of the LeeDroid Tweaks).

2012 05 30 11 08 151 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereAt first run, I was less than thrilled with the theming. It felt overly gothic and a little Addam’s Family-inspired, but after playing with it a bit it really grew on me. I think some of my reservations about the look of the ROM are the consistent red theme is a little difficult for me to make out due to my optical deficiencies (colorblind,) but I don’t think that would be the case for 95% of people.

The theme breaks on some things like Swype, but overall is an  impressive piece of work. The ROM also claims to have an updater built in that’s accessed through long-pressing the inbREDed Tweaks, but I didn’t manage to get it to open that way, and the updater that’s included isn’t configured out of the box. No biggie but that does seem to be an oversight or there was something wrong with my install.

There are a couple of quirks I noticed on the initial boot, but after that the ROM seemed to settle and be happy. I’m beginning to suspect this is the case for any ROM though.

Chrome Beta ran beautifully on this, the screen transitions did not display any of the garbage I’ve come to expect from other ROMs, although it still had the problem of the disappearing keyboard. I’m not certain if that’s the ROM or Chrome, but I’m tending to lean toward blaming Chrome these days.

One of the new things that I have to have in a ROM is the Exchange HTML mode features, unfortunately inbREDed does not have these or the folders-to-sync (which allow you to be notified when something comes into a subfolder.) If that were added, and the red themes didn’t provoke eyestrain in me (due to colorblindness,) this would be a keeper ROM for me. It’s fast, very customized, and very much on the right track.

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