Une Bobine Kickstarter project combines iPhone USB cable and stand into one

I must admit that there haven't been a lot of times I've wished I had an iPhone instead of a Galaxy S II since I made the switch over, but a new Kickstarter project is playing with that emotion in me. The Une Bobine ("A Coil" in French) is a simply yet brilliant concept that combines a charge/sync cable and a flexible stand into a single unit. Think of it as a stiff yet flexible cable that is able to hold up your iPhone on its own and connects to it via the docking port. The other end then either connects to an AC charger or computer, or nothing at all if you only want the stand functionality. 

We've seen similar flexible stand designs before, like for instance the Infinite Loop. The advantages of such a stand are many, like tripod functionality, eye-level holding for video calls, and so on. The Une Bobine's USB cable functionality and use of the dock connector (compared to the Infinite Loop's suction cup that users report isn't holding) makes it a better choice in my opinion, and with a price tag of only $25 with free worldwide shipping, you can score one of these cables for less than what some Kickstarter projects charge for shipping alone. Later on there will also be a version designed to hold the iPhone in landscape mode, which requires a lot more physical support since you can no longer rely on gravity to help the dock connector hold the phone, as I wouldn't try to use this one in landscape mode if you don't want your dock connector to die a horrible death. 

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