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Unexpected gifts arriving for some who pre-ordered the HTC EVO 4G LTE

Case picture by Daniel SIf you're one of the people who pre-ordered the HTC EVO 4G LTE through Sprint, you might return home today to find a package from UPS containing an accessory for your phone.

Some have told G&E of a note inside the package that thanks you for your patience with Sprint during the US Customs/Apple debacle as welll as a gel case for your new phone.

It's not yet known if everyone is getting something, or if the accessories mentioned are all gel cases, but it's a pretty nice thing for Sprint to do considering that none of these delays were the carrier's fault.

Additionally, Daniel wrote that he took the case into a local Sprint store and was given the option of exchanging it for a different color.

If you got something different, or nothing, feel free to drop a line and let us know. I'll be interested to see whether other places that did pre-orders will do something similar for their customers.

Thanks to Jeff and Daniel (who provided the picture) who sent this in!

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14 thoughts on “Unexpected gifts arriving for some who pre-ordered the HTC EVO 4G LTE

  • A friend in Norfolk, Va. received the EVO 4G LTE yesterday afternoon. He brought it by so I could show him how to get started and downloads some apps I knew he would like. This phone blew me away. It is thin and light and I’m in the camp that love the new EVO look and feel. Over Wifi I was getting 24 Mbps down and 16 Mbps up very close to what I get on my computers. My twin brother can’t wait to buy one so please keep us posted on pricing deals and availability. My EVO 4G contract ends in 6 months and can’t wait. This phone really rocks!!

  • I pre-ordered and received a body glove case with a kickstand – this case prevents us of EVO kickstand so will try and swap at a local store. Still think it is cool of sprint to kick in something free.

  • I also just got a body glove case!

  • Damn I want this phone. Damn droid incredible 4g that isn’t so incredible coming over to Verizon.

  • I received my free gel case today. I was not given any advance warning or tracking info. I did see on ISN that it was coming, so I knew it was coming. I don’t like the color that much, but the gel case I bought for the phone smells horrible, so I will use this until I get a hard case.

  • hi. I just got mine in the mail. Greatly appreciated gesture from Sprint, however I must say that the aqua blue is not my favorite color.

    Is anybody else going to try to switch it out once at their local sprint store?

  • I received my phone yesterday……then on my way to work grabbed a OtterBox case from the Sprint Corp store where the employees were shocked cause I had it already……got to work & found the gel case on my desk. Sprint is truly making a good effort out of a bad situation & made this week end GREATLY!!!!

  • I can confirm this. Got my EVO LTE yesterday, Gel cover today.

    I’m glad they did this because the phone is so thin I feel like I am going to drop it at any moment.

  • I don’t have a lte evo yet ,but thanks for sending all my friends a case ,this does not make up for my airline tickets , but it was a good start 2 thumbs up

  • Sprint sent me my airline tix a couple of years back.
    I’ll put in the good word for you.
    Just sit tight………
    Any day now lol!

  • I remember that day so good its was 2002 ,summer time my first upgrade the told me if I up graded at the store sprint would send me round trip tickets any where in the states on airtrain after 6 months ,every time I pay my bill I call sprint to remind them of my free,tickets …I’m just saying lol

  • You gotta keep calling and reminding them.
    Persistence is Key!
    Call, email, fax, text, and call again.
    Never give up Hope.
    You Will get those Roundtrip Tickets.
    Hey, Customers are receiving their Free Gel Cases, so Don’t give up Hope on the Tix ;-)


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