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Unofficial CyanogenMod 9 port for the HTC EVO 4G released

CyanogenMod boot logoCyanogenMod, hands down the most popular custom ROM out there, has been in development since November perfecting the Ice Cream Sandwich/Android 4.x version of the ROM. The EVO 3D saw an early port of CM9, but until now the HTC EVO 4G has been without. Fortunately JMZ has brought patient 4G owners an unofficial CM9 port.

The bad news: Like every other Ice Cream Sandwich ROM in the EVO line, it's missing completely-functional camera drivers, Netflix can't play videos, and the 4G does not work and probably never will.  Basically it has the same limitations as any other ICS offering at the moment.

The good news: It's fast. Chrome works brilliantly. The camera works, just not for barcodes, panorama, or front-facing. Did I mention it's fast?

I spent a night playing with it. There's not too much visibly different than any other ICS offering at the moment. It's a mean lean AOSP machine and runs circles around stock. It looks vanilla, but has a very polished feeling, doesn't throw up any force closes, and does what it claims it will. Battery life is about the same as anything on the Evervolv tree, meaning acceptable, but no need to text home about.

It's obvious the work that's gone into the product, but most users will probably see what doesn't work rather than how amazing it is that what does work does. For those wanting something new, shiny, and sharp with pointy edges ported from the depths of CyanogenMod to play with, this is it.

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