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Use your HTC EVO 3D charging dock to charge your OG EVO, too


How's this for creative? G&E reader Robert recently sent us some pictures demonstrating how he's managed to fit both his HTC EVO 3D and his original EVO 4G in the official charging dock for the EVO 3D (not at the same time, of course).

Because the charging port on the EVO 4G is on the bottom of the device, the phone has to stand upright in the charging dock; this looks a little awkward, but apparently stays just fine. Personally, I'd be a little nervous to try this long-term, since the original EVO is known for developing a loose charging port that can eventually stop working, but to each his own!

This, of course, leads me to wonder about other trans-EVO / trans-Android accessory adaptations. For instance, I'm currently using an old EVO 3D case to protect my new HTC One S – it works fine for now, even though it's a bit awkward. How about you?


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