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Your questions about the HTC EVO 4G LTE answered: Part 3


For the past few days, I've been answering your questions about the HTC EVO 4G LTE, but more and more seem to keep on rolling in. You are asking really interesting things, so keep on submitting questions and I'll try to get to as many as I can!

If you want to see previous questions and answers, be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.

Waldo: Can it play MIDI files as ringtones? I know that sounds super antiquated, but I've been using a unique ringtone for about 10 years and I don't want to change. Also, can you turn off the camera/camcorder shutter sound, or will we have to wait for root? Is it possible to add date/timestamps to photos?

John: Yes, I confirmed that the EVO 4G LTE does play MIDI files as ringtones and notifications. Concerning your questions about the camera, it is possible to turn off shutter sounds by simply muting the phone's media volume, although there's no specific sound toggle in the camera settings. I also did not see an option to add timestamps to photos, although this information is saved in the actual file.

etnpnys: Is the camera lens recessed at all? And are we able to turn off LTE via a widget or something?

John: Yes, the camera lens is recessed and is therefore not at risk for scratching and cracking just by setting the phone down face-up on a hard surface. As far as LTE goes, there's not a widget to turn it on and off quite yet, but that could very well be coming soon in a future software update. For now, it's possible to turn LTE off in the Mobile network settings menu.



Al-Boogie: How is the rate of web data and text loading compared to the OG EVO? Is it truly faster with the new processor? How is the music listening experience?

John: The new processor flies. Simply put, I have experienced absolutely no lag, no slow downs, and no force closes. Web pages load extremely fast on WiFi or 3G, and I haven't experienced any hiccups yet. The music experience is also great, especially since HTC integrated various cloud services into its stock music app. Beats Audio did make a small difference, even though my earbuds are a cheap $20 pair. I'm sure it's a more revolutionary experience with more expensive headsets.

As a nice added touch, HTC also integrated SoundHound into the FM Radio, so you can almost instantly get the title and lyrics to any song that's playing. Unlike Shazam, SoundHound works with your headsets plugged in.


Frank: Does it mount as a USB mass storage device or does it use MTP despite the divided internal partitions?

John: The EVO 4G LTE uses MTP, allowing you to browse the phone's internal storage on your computer while still being able to access it on the phone at the same time. However, as G&E reader Brett mentioned, the SD card (if you have one in there) can be used as USB mass storage. I haven't experienced any issues at all using MTP.


TA: I recall reading somewhere that the EVO 4G LTE has a Gorilla Glass screen. Is this true?

John: Yep! However, I haven't been able to confirm using official materials from HTC or Sprint whether or not this is Gorilla Glass 2, so I'll reach out to my contacts and see what they say.

Frank: I would like to see picture of the EVO 4G LTE and EVO 3D side by side.

John: OK!





Note: I know that many of you have been asking for shots with the original EVO 4G for comparison. That's a great idea, except for the fact that my EVO 4G is currently two states away. If I can get my hands on one in the next few days, I will certainly take some comparison shots, but no promises yet.

Brettbesa: Does the notification LED still do only the three colors? Or has HTC taught it to do more?

John: I've only seen the standard three.

Ruzario: Can it make burritos?

Vern G.: Can it eat burritos?


Keep your questions coming!

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60 thoughts on “Your questions about the HTC EVO 4G LTE answered: Part 3

  • Disappointing about the lack of an LTE toggle… when I had the Galaxy Nexus, that was the one thing I was hoping HTC would’ve created a widget for. It takes too many touches to turn LTE off. At best, you can add a Tasker widget to take you to the network settings screen, but that’s still three touches to turn LTE off. :(

  • Avatar of Adam Bublitz

    I still have the original evo, can you place it next to the original evo just to see the size difference?

  • John mentioned above that his Evo 4G is 2 states away, and that he will try to take pics, but he cannot promise.

  • I wouldn’t worry too much about this, as my unit is running pre-release software, so there’s still time for HTC to add this in.

  • Avatar of Fifth313ment

    I have a screen protector on my OG EVO and I have always hated the feel of the rubber almost stuck on a window feeling they give. I have the expensive one made of the supposed helicopter propeller wing, lol. Do you think it is necessary on the new EVO LTE? I know this has Gorilla Glass 1/2? and I know the OG EVO didn’t contrary to many who thought so and on the Corning Gorilla Glass website. I am trying to find a good basic case (not heavy duty) just in case I drop it from a short distance but in all I take pretty good care of my OG EVO and it looks mint even two years later. Also I keep my phone in a holster when not in use and when carrying. What does everyone think, will you be getting screen protectors?


    5th :)

  • Can you please take some pictures and post them? I would like to see how good the camera us. Maybe even post some pics by the 3D so we could compare the difference.

  • I’ve wrote extensively on the Web about Gorilla Glass.
    To make it short and sweet, I have the Samsung Epic 4G Touch which has Gorilla Glass. I still get micro scratches. They are hard to see, unless the Sun hits the screen a certain way. It is also susceptible to deeper scratches under certain conditions.
    I have installed a Steinheil screen protector, which is Crystal clear, with no resistance regarding touch.
    It also gets micro scratches as it is softer than Gorilla Glass.
    Gorilla Glass 2 has the same resilience to scratches as GG1, but it can be made
    20% thinner and retain the same strength.
    I can go on forever regarding the Mohs scale, sand, etc. But I’ll stop here :)

  • How would u say it really outperforms the 3d? Be honest lol!

  • I have a question, considering there’s no 4G LTE yet or I’m not to sure there are .. does it only run on 3G or can it run on regular 4G network ?

  • Avatar of Darth Obama

    Does it still have blurry contact photos?

  • 3G Only, until the 1900mhz LTE system is up and running, then it’ll also run on 1900mhz LTE.
    But No 4G :(

  • I have an OG EVO. I use the speaker heavily for listening to music/streaming. I know you don’t have your OG EVO with you, but can you compare the two off memory (i.e. which is louder & sound better)?

  • Specs say it supports svdo, user manual says not. Can you settle the issue? Does it support voce and 3g data at the same time?

  • Does the plastic back piece feel as cheap as it looks? Would you post a picture after a day of handling it, so we can see how smudgey it gets?

  • Avatar of Fifth313ment

    Thanks for the quick reply biker1 but I have a few more question and I think you would be best suited to answering them. How does/do the phones get micro scratches? My phone will be in a cover case (thin and just to stop surface damage) and a holster which will keep the screen covered. Do you still think I need a screen protector? I’ve been so careful with my OG EVO and it is still in mint shape but the screen protector is annoying and like I said feels rubbery. Also touch sensitivity isn’t as good and it makes things look distorted just slightly. And I paid for one of the most expensive and tried/tested one out the Zagg propeller protector as I call it, lol. Should I spend the $30-60 for a screen protector? I’m asking your personal opinion. I could send you a pic of my OG EVO but other than a lot of dust/dirt it is mint. Also do you have any images of these micro scratches and posts you made?



  • As I understand it, regular 3G connectivity on a CDMA network only allows one or the other (voice or data), not both at the same time – it’s not a phone thing, it’s a network thing. That said, using 4G WIMAX allows you to talk and surf at the same time; I assume LTE would also let you do both.

  • Speaking of the plastic back, will there be replaceable back for the LTE? If so, can you post pics as soon as you get one? I’d like to have my LTE the same color separated by the red bar only…

  • Avatar of DIESTROnG

    is there a factory screenshot command, power and volume down, maybe? or are you using an app?

  • Between the cover case and holster, the screen as you say won’t be exposed, or rather will have minimal exposure, so your chances are very much diminished you will be susceptible to scratches.
    You’ll only be vulnerable while using the phone, and if any debris, sand particles, etc., get caught up in your case, and rub against the screen.
    I also had a zagg shield which sucked re resistance, and applying wet. Also had boxwave which sucked.
    Steinheil, Imo, is best.
    2 for $14 on Amazon.
    No resistance.
    Touch sensitivity same as without.
    Crystal clear. I believe 99% light transmission.
    Applies dry.
    If you decide to get a screen protector, I believe you will be happily surprised.
    In your case, a screen protector probably not necessary, for the aforementioned reasons I stated above.
    But crap happens, as they say.
    GG is Not scratchproof.
    It is more resistant to scratching than other glass screens used.
    Microscratches scratches are lighter, not as deep as regular scratches. Can be shorter in length also, but not necessarily.
    I use the term Microscratches scratches to describe light scratches that aren’t readily visible, unless the Sunlight reflects off the GG at a certain angle.
    GG is more resistant to spider cracks, and fracturing, but NOT Proof. Resistant is key word.
    GG can be made lighter, thinner, and more resistant to scratches, breakage, etc. than other Glass. It is stronger and more flexible.
    On the Mohs Hardness scale, 1-10,
    Talc is 1
    Diamond is 10
    GG is about a 5.5-6.5 or so I believe.
    Quartz is a 7.
    Screen protector about a 3-3.5
    Sand is made of silicone quartz. Dust particles in the air contains quartz.
    These can scratch GG.
    You can extrapulate from the above what will scratch GG.
    You go to the Beach, you Will scratch GG.
    Can’t post links to my previous GG posts right now.
    I’ve gone over a lot here.
    You can always Google –
    Biker1 Gorilla Glass, etc. to see some more info about the subject. I’m also on xda.
    You can also go to the Corning website, the Manufacturer of Gorilla Glass, and Gorilla Glass 2.
    About 1 1/2 months ago, my friend showed me his Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, which has Gorilla Glass, and he showed me this long, not so deep scratch.
    I looked at my Epic 4G Touch and didn’t see any scratches.
    I then looked at it in Sunlight, at a certain angle, and saw these tiny micro scratches. One was an inch long. I was like, Wow!
    I said before I get any deeper, crazy scratches, let me get a Steinheil, which I had used previously.
    My Evo 4G, prior to my Samsung, had gotten a tiny nick. How, I don’t know.
    But there you have it. Only you can make the decision regarding a screen protector.
    Quartz particles have a funny way of getting everywhere. Something to keep in mind.
    Also, I’ve dropped my Sammy against metal ny accident, with a screen protector. Without the screen protector, my GG may have scratched. I don’t know for sure. Depends on the force, angle etc.
    Even though screen protectors scratch more easily than GG, the protector looks great and doesn’t interfere with usage regarding clarity.
    If I hold the protector at certain angles regarding Sunlight, the scratches will be visible. Otherwise, they’re not.
    Had it a couple of months about, and it’s in great shape.
    No lifting, no dust, etc.
    I just didn’t want to take any increased chances without one.
    But that’s me.
    I’m sure you’ll be fine without one.

  • Regarding svdo…
    From Sprint web site:
    I have verified that the LG Viper is capable of doing simultaneous voice and data without LTE and WiFi. I set Network Mode to CDMA/EvDo auto and made sure that Wifi was off. I called another phone and left the connection open. I was able to visit multiple websites.

    From what I have read internally, the reason this works is because EVDO and 1xRTT operate completely independently. The chips are completely separate.

  • Does the HTC clock widget still do the weather effect, i.e. windshield wiper on the screen when it’s raining, the glimmer on the screen on a sunny day, etc?

  • I would really love a better indication of battery. I know it’s hard to put down so it’s not a good real world test at this point- but can we get some runtime + screen on time + voice call time? I think these three numbers give you the best indication of batter (My phone has been off the charger for 12 hours with 2 hours of screen time and 30 minutes of voice time- like that!). You can access that stuff from the battery menu in ICS- not sure about sense

  • Avatar of Brandon Hall

    Can you give a little detail on how panorama mode compares to that of the stock ice camera? Also does the gallery app give access to photos on picasa or g+?

    And finally do you know if it will support lte over 800 MHz? As I understand it sprint is switching the old iden network over to lte in the future. It’d be nice if the phone had support for the switch.

  • No support for 800mhz LTE.
    No support for 4G.
    Support for 3G.
    Support for 1900mhz LTE, when Sprint rolls it out.

  • Randy does your city running the Sprint LTE , do you even get Wimax …

  • Is their active LTE in your city or just active Wimax

  • What color do you want your LTE button red,green ,purple ….

  • Dude my buddy their isn’t the 1st market running any LTE ,for give kankakee ,il for your one or 2 test towers is that where they filmed Thor ….hhhhhhmmmm

  • I noticed there is only one LED on the back for flash, flashlight. How does this affect its brightness as a flashlight vs. either the Original Evo or the 3D. Also does it affect picture quality in low light situations? Thanks

  • Is it possible to use an app like FoxFi to wirelessly tether? FoxFi says it doesn’t work with HTC phones?

  • I have ordered one from Amazon but delivery time is two weeks,have an email to the co to see if they will have it sooner.

  • My bet is we’ll see a widget eventually or some of the existing 4G widgets will add compatibility… We had a similar situation with the original EVO.

    Just be thankful it can be turned off at all, Verizon makes you jump into a service menu to do this on most of their phones and AT&T doesn’t let you do it at all on the One X…

  • That’s a lot of good and factual info right there, far more useful than the sort of anecdotal info and opinions you usually get on screen protectors.

    Personally I’ve managed just fine without one, my original EVO was in mint condition after a year and my EVO 3D has only one or two half inch micro scratches (that I can’t even spot while looking at it right now under a lamp)… It really depends a lot on your environment.

    If I was still going to the beach every week you can bet your ass I’d use one, sand gets freaking everywhere and even if you keep it in a zip lock bag it’ll eventually get exposed.

    I’m not usually in a very susceptible environment these days tho, and whenever I’ve dropped the TPU case I use has protected it well enough (they wrap around the front by a couple mm, enough to prevent the screen from coming in contact with anything, I lay it face down all the time without worry).

  • SVDO gets around that CDMA limitation tho, Verizon has had a couple of phones with that feature…

  • The stock ICS screenshot feature works fine on the EVO LTE, I think it’s power and home button tho, power and volume down might be a reset/reboot… Don’t hold me to that tho, but I’m positive it does both things thru certain key combos.

  • Not by default, not sure if it’s still an option… That stuff was obnoxious tho.

  • Both the original EVOs had a tendency to overdo the flash use and pictures came out horribly overblown or washed out… I’ve heard the new HTC One cameras do pretty well in low light, there’s even a special mode for it, haven’t seen a lot of picture samples with flash use tho.

  • Thanks a lot for answering the question about MTP and going into detail about the Soundhound / FM & camera lens stuff, those are things I hadn’t seen discussed elsewhere. The picture of the recessed camera lens is awesome.

    I might just go case less for a week or two until I find a TPU case I like, ideally a matte one from Diztronic (they’re more slippery than the glossy ones but they pick up less skin oils and look a ton better after a few months).

    Has anyone seen TPU cases on sale anywhere yet? I saw one at HTCPedia but I wasn’t crazy about the design and it was $12 + $4 shipping (I’d probably order it if it was just $12). I might just get an HTC branded one at a Sprint store this week and return it in a week or two if I find something better.

  • Btw that storage configuration is just bizarre, the ONLY reason to have split internal partitions is to enable USB mass storage mode (as they did with the One X)… If they were gonna use MTP they shouldn’t have partitioned internal storage at all. That’s gotta be either a limitation of the Sense framework or just a gross oversight on HTC’s part.

    I’m not gonna complain about it much because having mass storage mode thru the micro SD is a good compromise (specially with 32GB going for like $25), but I have a feeling this is one of the first things custom ROMs will address (by either making the entirety of internal storage a single partition or by changing the way the second partition’s formatted, either eat e get the best of both worlds, yay).

  • I saw where you can hit the external camera button when the phone is off or in lock mode and the camera will come right up and then I saw, recently, where that’s not possible so do you know which is true? Thanks.

  • I would like to see it pictured side-by-side with the original Evo 4g if possible.

  • I probably should’ve clarified: my Galaxy Nexus was my company phone on Verizon’s network. I have no knowledge regarding whether or not Sprint’s LTE is active at all, here in Chicagoland.

    Good news, though – I just spoke with Sprint Finance (they wanted to verify the humongous charge on my account from when I ordered the phone) and the woman said my phone is scheduled to ship today. The rumors were true. :)

  • And yes, I get WiMAX. I have pretty good WiMAX coverage in most of Chicagoland.

    And if you’re working on making a toggle, I’m partial to red and blue themes when I’m customizing. :)

  • Thanx for the replies! I’m happy know about that recessed camera lens. This may put me over the brink to get this, but I really really REALLY want the dev community to work with this phone so that I don’t regret not getting the GNex.

  • Is the camera lens also made of gorilla glass?

  • Will it do “regular” 4G in areas where it’s available or only 3G? I have an original EVO 4G and don’t want to give up my 4G speeds.

  • Avatar of walterwood44

    Lance, the original EVO 4G used WiMax for 4G. The LTE does not have WiMax so you only get 3G until Sprint fires up their LTE network. Of course WiFi is still an option.

  • Speaking of LEDs, will it blink for notifications while it’s charging? On the OG EVO you only get the charging status while it’s plugged in. I don’t know if this was changed on the 3D or not.

  • I’d like to know the answer to that as well… From reading the manual and other reviews I don’t think it’ll do that, but it seems the camera button does allow you to jump straight into the camera after hitting the power button without unlocking first (even if you have a pin/patten lock, which it then asks for after you back out of the camera). Not sure how jumping into gallery from the camera while doing this is handled etc. Seen a couple contradictory posts on this and the dual stage shutter button.

  • I have looked for a Steinheil screen protector for the HTC EVO 4G LTE phone and can’t find one. Anyone else have any luck?

  • Avatar of Fifth313ment

    Nope I can’t find Steinheil screen protector either and I don’t think an HTC One X version will work. It sucks that it seems no accessories are out for the EVO LTE yet?

    To the reviewer aka John, lol, can you please let me know the locations of the proximity sensor and light sensor? I’ve been looking all around the net at schematics and diagrams but I’ve only been able to find maybe the location of the proximity sensor but I wanted to know 100% as I’m looking at a screen protector but in the images it looks like it’s covering the sensors? So if you could maybe post a pic with something pointing to the locations? This would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


  • can you take a pic of the “LEDs” for charging & notifications too??? heard the one x is hard to see…..how is this one…? bright? so so? LOL

  • I got your answer about keyboard comparisons, but I should’ve been more specific. In portrait mode, the keyboard buttons on the 3D are smaller than the OG. How about the new EVO?

  • Has any company made a replaceable back cover to match the body if you don’t want the glossy look?

  • So, what I got from the above article and pictures is that the EVO 4G LTE is a top and the EVO 3D is a bottom.

  • Avatar of kiersa

    HI I have question regarding ringtone. I have downloaded zdege and saved a bunch of songs for ringtones and I went to contacts and attached the song I want for that person. When they call it only plays the default ring tone. And If you look in the contact it shows the song I chose and its playing something totally different. I called HTC and the guy tried it on his there and It worked for him. My girl friend has the same evo lte as me and hers does the same thing. I’m baffled at what it could be. I’ve attached it threw Zdege and threw the contacts and nothing changes. Do you have any idea why this is happening?
    Thank you :)

  • Avatar of jmtmagic

    When playing the FM radio, there was a notification in the window shade for Beats Audio, and it was ‘on.’ I turned it off for some reason in the window shade, and now I can’t turn it back on. In the APPS area, it says it is on, but I don’t think it is. BTW, for all the other music apps, the window shade notification is still ‘on.’ So just for the radio it is off, and there is no notification. How do I turn it back on for that one app?


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