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AROMA Filemanager 1.0 brings file management capabilities to recovery mode

afm - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereIf you’re pretty heavy into flashing themes, ROMs, and mods, there have probably been many times you’ve had to connect your phone to a computer in order to accomplish some trivial task such as copying a file from one directory to another.

Generally, this isn’t a problem for most root users, but it can be annoying if you’re out and not around a computer. Booting up the phone and going into a file manager is not always an option when you’re performing brain surgery in the field on your phone.

AROMA Filemanager allows you to do basic file management from recovery mode without ever leaving recovery. If you need to flash a zip, then copy a file from directory A to B, delete a folder, rename a folder and then flash another zip, all of this can be done without ever leaving recovery mode.

AFM should work on any device that supports AROMA in recovery, which at the moment is quite a few (my HTC EVO 4G and 3D support it; I assume the EVO 4G LTE does, or will soon). It resides somewhere on your SD card, and when you want to activate it from recovery you just choose to install or flash the zip it’s contained in.

The first time it’s run it will run through some screen calibration routines, which were quirky on my EVO 4G but surmountable. And you’ll probably want to go ahead on the first boot of it and change the mount config in settings to automount everything on start, or it will be a pretty sad looking file manager.

When you’re done with the file manager, just exit and you’ll be right back in recovery mode. Choose to flash or install the zip again, and you’re right back in the file manager with all your config from previous runs restored.

It’s an incredibly useful little tool if you don’t like being tethered to a computer to do basic file management tasks while in recovery.

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