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Best Buy will also launch the HTC EVO 4G LTE tomorrow

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Yesterday we reported that Sprint would be launching the HTC EVO 4G LTE tomorrow, June 2, after a longer-than-expected hold-up at Customs. What we didn’t know is when other third-party retailers would be getting the device in. But luckily, thanks to the leaked screenshot below, we now know that, at the very least, Best Buy will also be launching the latest EVO on Saturday, as well.

According to this internal memo, yesterday was the last day to fulfill any outstanding preorders; no EVO 4G LTE sales may be completed today. Preorders and regular customers alike can then pick up their new phones at the start of business on Saturday.

Also noteworthy is the extension of the EVO trade-in offer until the following Saturday, June 9. This offer will give customers a $50 credit towards the purchase of any Sprint phone, plus a $50 gift card, for the trade-in of an original HTC EVO 4G. Previously, the offer was set to expire on June 2.

Savvy Best Buy customers can therefore get the latest EVO for free: you can combine the $100 OG EVO trade-in offer with the $50 gift card you get for preordering, and the $50 Phone Freedom deal that was offered earlier this year. All-in-all, not a bad deal – and a great way to start June.

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13 thoughts on “Best Buy will also launch the HTC EVO 4G LTE tomorrow

  • I just spoke with a BB Mobile rep, the OG Evo trade-in is $50, not $100, making the price of the 4G LTE $100, not free.

      • I guess I’ll have to try again. When I asked, the other day, the BB rep told me only $50 for my trade in, and $50 gift card that comes with the LTE.

  • I just got my EVO 4G LTE for free last Friday. I followed the last paragraph and made it happen. The trade in value was $50, but there was an additional $50 for purchasing the EVO 4G. I paid $11.20 in tax and that was it.

  • What about the evo 3d, no one want that phone back? lol wtf

  • Not only did i get $150 in promtions from Best Buy also had buy back so i got $280 for my 3D so i got my phone pretty much for free a case buy back and insurance BUT I GOT $102 IN CHANGE LOL !!!

  • No ill have to pay that i guess with sprint on bill..

  • I’m selling my old EVO 3D for $150, along with a spare battery and a case, and I bought the new one from Wirefly for $120 with no tax… So I come out slightly ahead ($30-40 depending on tax). Won’t be getting it until Monday at the earliest tho.

    Worth noting that Sprint will still buy back the EVO 3D for $90 ($10 less than BB) and the OG EVO for $70 ($20 more than BB). So if you can still pre-order for $150 elsewhere (specially online, sans tax) you can still come close to matching this offer.

    I was tempted to cancel my WF order yesterday and do the whole BB thing but the fine print for the phone freedom offer says it isn’t valid in Puerto Rico, even tho an employee told me it was… Didn’t wanna risk it, forcing them to accept it and then combine it with other offers would’ve been an ordeal.

  • Trade in my Mercedes-Benz for a porcea with out wheels ( LTE) reviewed the new evo lte in my hands today ,test model was running on WiFi at the Lenox mall sprint store ,will have to review the insurance policy Agin ,

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    Got My preordered Evo LTE from BB last Fri for $99 + tax (199 – pre order gc of 50 – phone freedom of 50). Then sold my OG Evo for $125 on Craigslist. Made a small profit.

    Wife wants Evo LTE now too. Preordered thru BB again, will follow my recipe above but get trade in of her OG Evo from BB. Also, my BB called me today to say I can pick up phone when store opens Saturday 6/2.

    Evo LTE, compared to OG has awesome battery life (38 hrs med hvy use – phone, internet, tweaking), and camera is superb!


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