CrowdGadgets Episode 40: E3, Computex, and more

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It’s a busy time, what with E3, Computex, the Windows 8 Release Preview, and much more. HTC has entered into a partnership with PlayStation, and Apple is attempting to block the Taiwanese manufacturer’s imports yet again, provided the FTC doesn’t step in first. Meanwhile, Microsoft has even more Windows 8 announcements, like new PC hardware, Xbox Music, Xbox SmartGlass—which works on Windows, Android, and iOS—and much more. For discussions on all this and more, tune in to the CrowdGadgets podcast.

00:48 – HTC EVO 4G LTE news
01:51 – HTC enters partnership with PlayStation
04:04 – Apple tries to block HTC imports… again
06:34 – FTC doesn’t like Apple’s trying to block HTC imports
07:26 – Microsoft releases Windows 8 Release Preview
12:39 – Xbox SmartGlass and Xbox Music
18:55 – Computex discussion
26:39 – Is Microsoft banning HTC from making Windows 8 tablets?
32:00 – Google Maps is going offline and 3D
35:35 – Microsoft to show off Windows Phone 8 at Windows Phone Summit on June 20th
36:22 – IDC still thinks Windows Phone will be 2nd place

Hosts: Calob Horton, John Freml, and William Devereux
Guest: Brendan Hugo
Podcast Editor: Calob Horton
Newsletter Editor: William Devereux

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News from around the CrowdGather Gadget Network Anythingbutiphone Nokia has released an update for the Lumia 900, adding additional polish. IDC, meanwhile, still believes that Windows Phone will become the number two platform, just ahead of iOS but behind Android. Windows Phone 8, which is scheduled to be unveiled on June 20, could play a large role in this rise in popularity. On the Android side, Google Maps has been updated with offline and 3D modes and the FTC is fed up with frivolous import bans.


Manufacturers of all sorts unveiled their new Windows 8 PCs at Computex in Taipei, including such intriguing designs as the ASUS TAICHI, the ASUS Transformer AiO, and the Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC. At the show, NVIDIA promised to deliver a minimum of ten hours of battery life on Windows RT tablets (a.k.a. Windows 8 on ARM) featuring the company’s chips. Finally, Samsung has named Kwon Oh-hyun its newest CEO.


In the last newsletter, we noted that JetAudio Player is now available on Android. Unfortunately, we were disappointed to discover that the app just isn’t what it used to be. Neither the free nor premium versions of the app feature the app’s main selling point, BBE and BBE ViVA sound enhancements. To make matters worse, the screenshot clearly showing these features has been pulled from Google Play. If this is a licensing issue, we hope Cowon can resolve it quickly.

Good and EVO Following the release of highly-anticipated EVO 4G LTE, the G&E team at Pocketables has certainly had their hands full bringing you all kinds of tips, including: how to take screenshots on your unrooted device, how to wirelessly tether regardless of root status, and how to get back your missing Facebook contact pics. We also compared the cameras on all three major EVOs and modded an old Seidio car mount for use with the new EVO.

Nothing But Tablets If you’re into mixing media on an iPad, Bryan has a great piece recounting his experience mixing sound while vjay will let you mix videos in real time. We also have a list of pros and cons for owning both iOS and Android tablets, as well as a hands-on look at HD Widgets 3.0 on Android. Finally, if you’re outside the US and can’t access some streaming services, Andreas has a review of UnoDNS.

Pocketables Pocketables has a lot of content to get you up to speed with the Windows 8 Release Preview, including William’s Living with Windows 8 series, an in-depth look at the Mail app, Xbox Music and SmartGlass announcements, and a discussion about ASUS’ upcoming PCs. Of course, we have things for Android and Apple fans as well, such as Aaron’s take on Android’s back button, Andreas’ Plex media system review, and Calob’s predictions for Apple’s WWDC keynote.

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