Deeper Smart Fishfinder is a portable sonar for your Android and iOS device

I just love wacky accessories, and by wacky I don’t necessarily mean “weird,” as much as “haven’t seen that before.” The Deeper from Friday Lab is definitely something I haven’t seen before, and it’s something that I can see becoming quite popular.

The Deeper is a small sonar ball that is designed to float on water, scan the depths below, and transmit the results to an Android or iOS device over Bluetooth. The ball itself is naturally water proof, and contains a rechargeable battery good for 6 hours of use before needing a recharge over microUSB. There are three holes to tie a fishing line to, each designed for use in different type of situations. The Bluetooth connection is said to be good for about 50 meters, and it will scan waters up to 40 meters deep.

I don’t think I have to explain why someone would want this: it finds fish. Sonar is something that has been used in fishing for ages and, as everything else that has to do with technology, it’s become more and more common. Seeing an entire sonar system packed into a neat little ball that connects to a mobile device, however, is simply amusing because it’s awesome. I don’t really fish much myself, but honestly I almost want to start just to have an excuse to buy this. At a pre-order price of $149 ($199 once released), it’s not the most expensive of fishing tools either, and it comes with everything you need.

Just remember that while the Deeper is water proof, your phone and tablet aren’t.

[Deeper via Android Police]
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