Don’t miss out on Poweramp’s new third party themes

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Quite frankly I have no clue what happened about a month or two ago, but the ridiculously popular Poweramp music player for Android has seen a massive boom of third party themes come out since then. Someone forgot to let the public know though, so the app (which has over 10 million installs for the trial version and upwards of 1 million for the paid version) now has third party themes available that no one seems to know about, judging by the install numbers in the 50-500 range for most of them.

I don’t blame people for not noticing, as it took my bored “search around and see what’s new” routine for me to pick up on it, as well. It’s something that Poweramp users everywhere should be aware of, though, as the new themes add a new level of customization to an app that frankly has a lot to go on in the design department when you compare it to some other, more design-focused music players. Its functionality is what makes people – and that includes me – stick with it, so it’s nice to get some new stuff to play with on it – especially since the app itself hasn’t been updated since February, which is rather pitiful for such a popular app.

The easiest way to list the new themes is to do a simple search for “poweramp” in Google Play. I’m currently using the Poweramp White CM9 Skin myself, which isn’t too different from the stock themes, but enough so that it makes my “I have an AMOLED screen, bring on the black!”-tendencies go wild.


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