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First AOKP ROM available for HTC EVO View 4G

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The HTC EVO View 4G has long suffered from a lack of development, leaving many View fans wondering if the 7-inch tablet would ever see Ice Cream Sandwich. (We already know it’s not coming from HTC.) But finally, at long last, developer yncconsulting has “cracked the code” and loaded up what looks like a semi-functioning AOKP ROM based on Android 4.0 on his EVO View.

He’s naming the new ROM CG, after his wife’s initials, as a token of appreciation for all her support during his work on this project. However, the ROM is still in a pre-alpha stage, so not everything is functioning quite yet. Some bugs that users have reported include:

  • A red perimeter around the screen
  • Occasional lag with the keyboard
  • Screen rotation issues in some apps
  • Occasional lag during home screen transitions
  • Scrolling can be wonky at times

For a pre-alpha, these problems seem very minor; for the most part, all of the most important tablet functions seem to work properly.

Personally, I’m anxious to give this a try on my own View, but I’m going to wait until a slightly more stable version is available. But if you’re brave, you can find all the downloads you need, and support from the developer, at the source link below. There are also a few videos included here, in case you’re not quite ready to try this just yet.

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