From the DIY drawer: Galaxy S II tripod adapter

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Like I mentioned in the article about the previous tripod adapter I made, I’ve been exploring different ways to grab my Galaxy S II with the case on. I’ve created several different tripod adapters in trying to find the one that works the best, and the latest prototype is probably the one I’ll stick with.

The idea for this adapter was to grab around the phone/case using as little material as possible. Perhaps more importantly though, I wanted to use materials as tiny and apartment-friendly as possible. A couple of years ago, I would have run down to the workshop in the basement, grabbed a piece of acrylic, and heatgunned the thing until it melted around the case and created a perfect fit. Lacking both piles of acrylic and a heat gun however, I had to improvise.

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What I ended up doing was to use hot glue. I wrapped the case tightly in a thin layer of toilet paper, then poured on with hot glue around the edges. To bridge the two sides I used a couple of made-for-DIY popsicle sticks. Once dry, I had a contraption with toilet paper covered hot glue “hands” on either end of a couple of popsicle sticks. I then glued on a tripod nut, trimmed the edges, and smeared on a layer of Sugru for good measure.

The resulting contraption is a flexible mount that grabs the phone with case surprisingly securely. Since the two “hands” holding the phone are a combination of hot glue and Sugru, both rubber-like materials, they’re flexible and strong enough that you simply insert one end and then pull the other end over the phone. The connection is strong enough that I have a feeling the cheap $4 tripod I got is going to give before the phone falls out of the holder.

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The previous adapter I made is smaller, but requires modifying the case. This is larger, and like everything I make, not overly pretty looking, but it’s a more straight forward solution. I can easily fit a small tripod and this adapter in one of my cargo pants pockets when I go anywhere that I think I might need it, and that’s really what matters.

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