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Google confirms problems with Wallet on HTC EVO 4G LTE, says fix is on the way

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Google has finally confirmed officially to the media that Google Wallet on the HTC EVO 4G LTE is down due to software issues, and that it is working with both Sprint and HTC to fix the problem as quickly as possible. As you know, Google Wallet started experiencing issues around the same time that the new EVO was released earlier this month: at first, users were having difficulty added prepaid cards, only to be completely locked out later on.

Speaking with the Verge yesterday, a Google spokesperson confirmed that the issue all stems from “software problem” related to the NFC chip in the device. The good news is that it is definitely fixable with a software update, which makes sense given the fact that Wallet worked perfectly on my pre-release EVO 4G LTE. The bad news is that this has been down for the majority of June, and there was no timeframe given as to when we should expect a fix.

Rest assured, as soon as we know anything new, you will, too.

[The Verge]
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8 thoughts on “Google confirms problems with Wallet on HTC EVO 4G LTE, says fix is on the way

  • Well at least they didn’t leave us in the dark. Of course, I wasn’t expecting Google to anyway. Now here’s to hoping they give us a few more bucks upon activation!

    • Yeah i hope i get extra dollars too. Its about time they have a fix for this though.

  • Avatar of Paul E King

    so a “software problem” with the NFC is allowing me to use the card perfectly if I claim it’s a GT-I9300 but not if one line in the build.prop says “EVO” – hrmmm… not buying it. It’s tinfoil hat time.

    • Avatar of Chaoticwhizz

      According to Sprint’s own internal “Known Issues” site. The Google Wallet issue will be fixed in an upcoming maintenance release. It doesn’t give a date.

  • Avatar of markbo2000

    I just want my EVO LTE to ring when it is supposed too. Here in my town there is an issue where the phone will call out fine, but will not receive calls. Another Sprint customer can be beside me receiving calls without issues. I go down the road 2 miles and everything is fine……Sprint has yet to determine an issue. They pretty much blew it off…..others have same issue. This wallet issue seems petty compared to not getting my calls.

  • to markbo2000:

    If you are using google voice, take a closer look there……i had the same issue and google voice was the culprit. uninstall google voice from your phone then You will need to call sprint and ask t speak to the highest level of tech support they offer. Tell them you need them to remove all your google voice settings from the account. Then you will need to log into your google voice account on a computer and remove your settings. Then reinstall google voice on your phone!

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      I just uninstalled voice from the phone and disabled it on the website… worked for me..

      Wait a while (15+ minutes) reinstall and enable, bam

  • Hopefully they implement some sort of auto wiping routine while they’re at it, so users are no longer at risk of bricking the secure NFC element when wiping and resetting their phones. I’ve yet to receive my promotional $10 because I didn’t wanna bother with Wallet while it was acting up, so I certainly expect some compensation. If this system was already really popular and in wide use this would be a huge issue.


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