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Here is HTC’s official stance on future OTA updates to Jelly Bean

jelly bean - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereWith all of this week’s exciting announcements from Google about the next iteration of Android, lots of people have been wondering: “When will my device get updated to Jelly Bean?” This question is particularly important to those of you who just plopped down a couple Benjamins for the HTC EVO 4G LTE, or one of the devices in the HTC One series.

HTC was quick to respond to these concerns, but unfortunately, we’re left wanting for more information. Here’s the official statement:

We are excited about Android Jelly Bean and are planning to support it across a variety of our devices.  We are reviewing the software to determine our upgrade plans and schedule, so please stay tuned for more updates on specific device upgrade plans.

My educated guess would be that the One X, One S, One V, and EVO 4G LTE will all be getting the update. HTC risks ticking off way too many customers to ignore these devices. However, I highly doubt that any older devices will be getting the update – remember, HTC wants to focus on fewer devices, but making those devices better. So it doesn’t really make a bunch of sense from a business standpoint to update devices that came out before its new flagship lineup. But of course this is all just conjecture.

Perhaps the more relevant question is when these devices will be getting Jelly Bean. I just hope that HTC has learned its lesson from the Ice Cream Sandwich debacle, and that we’ll hopefully see this update before the summer is gone. But just to be on the safe side, I’m not going to hold my breath.

[Android Central]
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28 thoughts on “Here is HTC’s official stance on future OTA updates to Jelly Bean

  • Avatar of Chrislvb

    And so it begins. Now we get to play the waiting game while HTC figures things out, then we have to wait for Sprint to get their act together and get the update ready. I am betting it will be Halloween before we see Jelly Bean, just based on past experiences with Sprint and HTC. This might be the push I am waiting for to root my phone. I will just have to wait and see what roms come out before we get the official update.

    • Avatar of Jackietreehorn

      Unfortunately, if you’re speaking based on recent history, having JB by Halloween is nothing but a pipe dream. Try by CES as your over under, and you might get a few more takers.

      My guess: EvoLTE will get it, Evo 3D will not (though it’ll easily be hardware capable sans maybe a WiMax issue).

      • Well actually, I remember getting the HTC evo4g on launch date and if my memory serves me correctly, we received gingerbread I believe in mid sept-early Oct time frame. Which isn’t bad because it too basically “launched” in mid to late July.
        Seems like history is somewhat repeating itself. I do not count the evo3d. It was not “flagship” and kinda stuck in the middle. Like three children @ home. (heck it didn’t have a kickstand) lol so…
        Any how I’m just trying to make a hypothesis and I’m no professional. But no need to discredit HTC I’m sure they are on top of it.
        Google in general is moving “faster” and I believe android is getting “slightly more streamlined”.. Well by there standards lol. But it’s a good direction

  • E4GLTE should get jelly bean, no question. EVO 3D my old phone and still no ice cream sandwich. I’m sure the new EVO is capable! Tell HTC to be the ones to stop this OTA nonsense and give us Jelly bean!!

  • This is pretty much what they always say honestly haha. Jelly Bean looks like a decent improvement, I’m honestly quite happy with ICS so a slow update to it wont disgruntle me as much as waiting for updates on my OG evo 4g did, not to say they shouldn’t pump out this update ASAP, it’s a matter of principle.

    The EVO 4G LTE is such a good phone, but two years from now when my contract is up, I may see whats available on the nexus line. Pure android and google support is so tempting. Unfortunately the galaxy nexus showed up too late in it’s life on sprint for me to buy it, still a solid phone though.

  • I can’t believe they still haven’t updated the EVO 3Ds with ICS. I don’t see why they wouldn’t put JB on the 3Ds, IF they ever plan on getting ICS on it. JB is a very minor update, so they can’t claim the 3D is not capable, if it is capable of running ICS.

    • It really has nothing to do with the phone’s capability. Even the original EVO 4G is capable enough to run Jellybean. HTC and Sprint just don’t want to take the time to provide the update for “older” phones.


    • The EVO 3d might not get icrcream by August. They are going to debut there 4g LTE network on July 15 th. That is all Sprint care’s about now.

  • They are talking about an upgrade to jelly bean, l am still waiting for ice cream sandwich. I still have 13 months left on my contract for my HTC EVO 3d. If my phone is capable of receiving jelly bean I want it. My phone should be fully supported for the 2 full years of my contract,if not give me a discounted upgrade on a new phone now.

    • We’re taking about Sprint here, lol!
      The same Company that came out with Wimax devices before the Wimax Network was up, which, for the Majority of Customers, never saw the light of day.
      Now we have LTE devices with no LTE yet.
      Deja Vu??
      So as for Jelly Bean, I’d like to see Sprint follow through with this Promised Network, and to get their LTE up and running, so those customers can take advantage of all the Data Rich Features that LTE devices have to offer……
      Hey, wait a minute, that also sounds familiar……..
      Looks like Sprint is the “2 Years From Now Network!”
      Buy a Device Now, and We Promise You We will have the New Device Related Network Up & Running within 2 Years of Purchase!
      You think that sounds bad, just look at Wimax :-(
      This is So Wrong on so many levels……..

    • I agree. Phones should be supported for the length of the contract, including a warranty. I shouldn’t have to pay full price for a phone just because my old one is out of warranty and broken.

  • Here is a business reason to update non-One X and their variant devices: It shows that HTC supports their phones after the point of sale. This will go along way with current HTC owners when they decide which phone to purchase next.

    As a HTC Evo 4G LTE owner, I am not concerned so much about a Jelly Bean update, since this should be a given. I am more interested to know if HTC will be updaing the Evo 4G LTE with whatever Google releases next year.

  • What I’d like to know… Is when will HTC get the opportunity to release a nexus phone again?

  • I have an Evo LTE and i can wait for the jellybean update, cause I’m probably getting the Nexus tablet, that already has jellybean.

  • Avatar of Eric Jones

    Even if we do get it by the end of summer, I still wouldn’t hold my breath that long if I were you.

  • They have been so on top of updating my 3D. By the time they update the Evo LTE the next phone will be out.

  • I have given up on htc already. Unless they come out with another phone for sprint by december my next phone coming december will be samsung gs3.

  • We’ll just have to wait ….. and wait… and wait as usual for HTC’s updates.

  • Avatar of LongTimeSprintUser

    I am just about done with HTC and Sprint. Maybe rooting my 3D is the only way?

  • Avatar of brokenpromises

    I was promised the 4g was “in the works” when I bought my 3d… Sprint never delivered in my area and and instead abandoned development for the lte. I was told I could use my phone to tether… Later told it was an additional cost and store denied it had mislead me on that! I was promised by the same store folks during a service visit that ics would be on in June. That is past now. I’m tired of the BS and would probably go back to a dumb phone before I renew the next round if lte isn’t in my map area. I’m tired of all the lies and broken promises. Sprint, get a clue!

  • i just can’t understand all the crybabies.. i mean seriously.. take that fist full of tears and just root your phone and put whatever software you want on it.. the only thing you are losing is the salespeople coaching you on how to setup your email.. lol..

  • I’ll bet the Devs will have an Evo 3d Jellybean ROM before the zSprint ICS update happens.

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      There is already a booting JB on the LTE supposedly… it’s evidently so close to ICS that it’s a kludgable step up.

  • of course they will, these other posts are just from whining pissants who are too stupid to root their devices.. if you want an os update from the carrier guess what.. it has to get approved and that takes time..

  • Avatar of Steve Gaudreau

    Why the F do they do this? HTC has a cool 3D phone that got snubbed on the ICS update, so I buy the latest, greatest HTC phone on Sprint and haven’t even discovered all its features yet and now they’re talking Android 4.1? I think what’s going to happen is the same thing that happened to the pc market. People are going to stop buying the latest and greatest and stick with what they currently own <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<still owns an XP computer.

  • Avatar of Tyler Osborne

    What I’m wondering is, Adobe Flash Players most recent update said it is the last one and was for Android 4.0.x…so I’m guessing if updating to Jelly Bean we will lose flash support..if anyone realized that yet or not.

  • Avatar of Steph

    I am an owner of the super craptastic EVO 3Dand fortunately for me I was updated with ICS back in July or August. Now my hopes are to be updated with Jelly Bean but I’m fully aware that chances are it won’t happen. It was an unfortunate mistake I got this phone in the first place. I had the EVO 4G which I absolutely loved but accidentally dropped it on its screen in my driveway trying to rush to work. I filed an insurance claim and even specified I wanted to receive the same phone model and was shipped this disaster. I’ve not ever been happy with this junk phone and even when I received it off my insurance exchange I filled Sprint’s ear full, but they could have cared less. Go figure. Been miserable Sith this phone as nothing works like it should. I’ve had it replaced twice and it still has the same issues. So for ms to get my hopes up waiting and expecting JB to come as an update on my phone would be setting myself up for disappointment. So if anyone has FACTS about JB for my phone please give me the news, good or bad. Just stop assuming or guessing because my high level of disappointment in this travesty only grows daily.


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