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Last December I backed my first Kickstarter project, the LunaTik Touch Pen. I was pretty excited to be a part of getting a cool tablet accessory to market, and kind of just wanted to see what Kickstarter was all about. The combination of a pen and stylus was good enough for me to want one. The project was fully backed by 4,201 people pledging over $300,000, which was more than 400% of the goal. The original ship date for the Luna Tik Touch Pen to its backers was supposed to be in April. Well since it’s now June, I figured I’d update you on the status of this project.

There have been some small changes to the design since the project closed, and that is most of the reason for the delay. Luna Tik was having some trouble getting some of the pieces to meet their quality expectations, and had to change some of the design because of it. I am perfectly fine waiting for a product that is designed and made very well the first time around. I don’t appreciate being a product beta tester when I’m expecting a finished product. The project was updated near the end of April with a new shipping goal of May 25, but again that date has passed with no Touch Pens being shipped. Six days ago a brief update was posted for backers, here is what it states:

Hello Comrades-

As promised, a very quick update:

The new tips look very good after our latest efforts in tweaking. They will be running off the new tool by end of the week, and our team will be working all weekend to get them into the production house for assembly.

Next week we will have an update on assembly, shipping process, and when your new Touch Pen will be in your hands. Thanks again for your patience!


Scott Wilson + the MNML Team

Hopefully I will be getting my new Touch Pen soon. I can’t wait!

[Luna Tik Touch Pen on Kickstarter]
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    Unfortunately this is fairly typical for Kickstarter. Considering how pretty much every single project underestimates the time it takes, you’d think they learn and just be less optimistic about the estimate. Then again, a more realistic timeframe might scare away backers


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