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Mod available for rooted HTC EVO 4G LTE remaps Recent Apps key

rootworld - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereOn the HTC EVO 4G LTE you’ve got three hardware buttons: back, home, and recent apps. Coming from any previous EVO, you might be missing the Search and Menu keys. I know I am. While I haven’t found a solution for the lack of a hardware search button other than slapping the Google search box on every screen, I have stumbled across a mod by RegnierD to remap the recent apps button to become the menu button.

The remap mod has the rather nice side-effect of preventing the system from displaying on the screen the software menu button, which takes up a large chunk of screen real estate. It has the downside of leaving you with no way to easily switch between programs.

It requires you to have Root Explorer or similar, a rooted phone, and be comfortable with editing a text file from your EVO.

While this is not a flashable mod, and editing a text file may not sound like dangerous work, I’d still advise you to go ahead and make a nandroid backup just in case something weird happens and you can’t press any keys after the mod.

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9 thoughts on “Mod available for rooted HTC EVO 4G LTE remaps Recent Apps key

  • Maybe I am out of touch… I thought Samsung was crazy and HTC’s method was awesome, but more people might prefer it this way after all.

  • What about a long press on the “recent apps” button for the search or menu?

  • Yeah I don’t really understand the lust after a menu button… Sure the on screen button is kinda ugly, but Nexus owners lose the same screen estate to on screen buttons 100% of the time (well, 90% since there’s a scant few apps that hide them). Frankly I can live with it until apps are updated.

    Not allowing us to long press home our recent apps in order to search (and issue voice commands) seems like a far greater omission on Google’s part imo. We know menu is going the way of the dodo after all, but search isn’t going anywhere. I mean, it’s Google!

    It can’t possibly be that they’ve removed long press functionality from the framework either because several tablets still use recent-apps long press as a shortcut to take screenshots (which can be disabled in settings or on a prompt whenever you use it). Somebody seriously needs to mod search unto a long press…

    • My first thought after making sense of the buttons was why would Google omit search??? I really liked being able to long press it to get voice commands. While on the subject of the buttons, does this mod let you remap all the button or just recent apps? I hate that the back button is all the way on the left side. Logically, I guess that placement makes sense. (i.e. the left arrow should be on the left side) In practice tho, if you hold the phone in your right hand (I think most people do), it’s a very long reach with your right thumb. I think I use back the most, so I would have to swap back and recent apps.

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    Instead of putting the search box on every screen, I put the search icon in the shortcut launcher that’s on the bottom of the screen. That way it’s always in the same spot.

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    remapped is much better than black menu bar of obtrusiveness.

  • I did this mod and I am still getting the on-screen menu as well as the recent apps button now working as a menu button. Can you confirm that this mod is supposed to remove the on-screen menu in non-ICS apps?

  • I plan on doing this when I get home from work. The on screen black bar is ugly, and it also ruins the 16:9 aspect ratio. Many apps that looked good on ky EVO 3d now look squinched. Also, I think the bigger issue is that unless you are rooted or are using some app manager, multi tasking on the 4g LTE is PITIFUL since most of ur 1gb of ram is used on sense UI, making the multi task button pretty much useless. Gee, maybe instead of the unnecessary onboard storage, they could have added more ram if they were gonna make the new sense UI such a ram hog. Just my 2cents.


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