My Tracks lets you track where you’re going, now has Tasker/Locale plugin

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My Tracks is Google’s GPS tracking app that can be used for everything from sports to geotagging photos. When turned on, it monitors where you go, and saves that data as a GPS track. The track can then be exported directly to other apps, or to popular coordinate file formats like GPX, KML, CSV, and TCX. These files are compatible with a whole range of devices and programs across platforms, and we’ve even showed you how you can use GPX files to geotag photos in the past. The files can also be used in Google Earth, for instance, to show you the exact trip you made during a vacation, or something like that.

With a new Locale/Tasker plugin that was just released, I dare say that My Tracks now has even more uses. The plugin allows you to control the app from Tasker or Locale, which means you have access to all of those apps’ various automatic triggers. For example, you can automatically start recording a track when you leave the house, when you’re in the car, or when you scan an NFC tag attached to your dog’s collar for that matter. You can also create complex multi-action tasks triggered by a single button, such as starting a work out playlist, auto rejecting calls, and recording a track, all with one click.

My Track itself is free, being a Google app, but the plugin is third party and costs $1.50. There are plenty of specialized tracking software out there for various uses, but if you want something simple and universal that now has the ability to be configured in many more ways, give My Tracks (and this plugin) a try.

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