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OMJ’s HTC ELTE ROM for the HTC EVO 4G LTE released

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OMJ’s HTC ELTE Custom ROM for the  HTC EVO 4G LTE, the ninth custom ROM I’ve run across for the newly released phone in under a month of development time, has entered the ring by developer O.M.J.

ELTE is a deodexed ROM featuring Freeza’s stockmod kernel, the advanced power menu, landscape and 360 Rosie, an option to toggle the annoying camera shutter sound, no MMS compression (up to 5MB MMS messages), remapping of the recent apps key to menu/longpress home to recent apps, and a working built in hotspot.

Along with the additional features added, about 16MB in 38 apps were removed from the base ROM, which should free up some space (not that you’ll probably need it with the amount of space the 4G LTE comes with).

The standard warnings apply: make sure to clear your Google Wallet settings before flashing any ROM, and make a nandroid backup in case something doesn’t work out for you.

If you’re running it or decide to run it, let us know what you think about it. I’m stock/locked/rooted for the next few days and cannot play with it just yet.

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7 thoughts on “OMJ’s HTC ELTE ROM for the HTC EVO 4G LTE released

  • Will give it a go. Thanks for the review!

    Ps. Ya know hitting the volume rocker down while in camera mode(essentially turning down ringer volume) the shutter sound is apparently connected. So you can by default have a silent camera rt out of the box.

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      I did not know that… it does appear its tied to ringtone volume… thanks – it has been driving me nuts when I take a lot of pictures and I thought I would have to flash a new ROM (which I can’t for a bit) to correct it.

      I sort of thought HR 414 must have passed:

  • God I hope not! Too many regulations as it is.
    But yeah lol, was driving me nuts too. Just happened to do it by chance one night. However (you’ll find when showing off the camera you’ll turn up the volume for the effect) lol

  • Avatar of marktwain

    What kinda selective journalism is this. Flex360s stock with goodies has been out way longer and is worth mentioning if your gonna mention this Rom that ripped most of the mods from it anyway.


    • Avatar of Paul E King

      As things come in, people say “hey, take a look at this” and I do, or I browse various sites and find mentions of ROMs.

      I never saw Flex360’s ROM, and nobody here has mentioned it, nor has anyone submitted it as a tip as far as I know.

      The only bias I have here is when I read a developer thread and it’s not completely filled with “you stole this from so and so” I assume there’s probably no controversy. In 10 pages of this developer thread I do not see anyone saying anything was stolen.

      If developers want to get noticed or reported on our site, they’re more than welcome to submit a news tip, post in the forums, etc. They can also toss me a tweet if they want.

      As it stands, if I don’t know about a ROM I’m not reporting on it, and if the ROM thread in question isn’t filled with people saying it’s stolen work, I’ll probably go right along assuming it’s not a controversial piece.

      This got picked because I was out of town all weekend and someone PMed me last night and said “hey, check this out, it looks neat”

      You’ll notice it’s also not a ROM Pick, which is where we recommend a particular ROM after playing with it. This is a “blank blank blank released for the xxx” which says “hey, here’s a ROM”

      So yeah, hey, here’s a ROM someone mentioned, that’s all this piece is. I didn’t say OMJ developed the features, or did anything remarkably new, this is just a ROM, I haven’t been able to run said ROM.

      If you have any ROMs that you want spotlit that you think this ROM ripped off, feel free to submit them via the submit a tip, or post them in the EVO forums here, and I’ll get to them. Want to warn us about a developer ripping someone off and claiming the work as their own, do it that way too and I’ll investigate/hold off writing.

      Not biased, just “hey, here’s a ROM”

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      As a note, I’ll check out Flex360’s stock for tomorrow, but I do want to point out one thing – Flex360’s XDA link starts 9 days ago. This is not a case of him being out way longer, this is a case of him being out 5 days longer.

      Also, most of the mods that were added appear to have been written by other developers such as Disable MMS Compression was evidently written by SteelH/Team XPOSED, the ultrasmooth mod also looks to have been written by them and another developer, MMS over wifi also by someone else.

      I can keep on going, but the short of it is most of the mods were developed by other people for incorporation in ROMs, which is what all of the custom ROMs are doing right now – which is why they all sort of look like the same features list.

      The mods most likely weren’t ripped from 360’s, they were probably just downloaded from the list of 9 or so freely available mods for the HTC EVO 4G LTE in the developer section of XDA. Seems rather pointless to take Flex360’s ROM and pull out individual pieces when you can download them individually and incorporate them in your ROM.

      Then again, I may have managed to miss a giant debacle, in which case I’ll ask you to point me where the developer of this ROM is accused of stealing anything.

  • I tried this Rom a few days back but my biggest gripe is that there seems to be no multitasking. it does not let you have multiple windows open being able to minimize and go to a previous window.


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