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Here is one possible solution for Sense 4.0 crashes on your HTC EVO 4G LTE

developer options evo 4g lte - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereG&E recently received a tip from reader Tristan M., who was having a major problem with his brand new HTC EVO 4G LTE: namely, it seemed like Sense 4.0 kept crashing, drastically affecting his experience with the device in a very negative way. Tristan wrote:

I got my new EVO just last week, and I was super excited about it. I was ready to throw out my old OG EVO. But then when I started using the new EVO, every time I opened an app and went back to the home screen, I would get a “Loading…” screen that would stay on for about five seconds.  It’s hard to imagine how much this affects the user experience of the device.  Every time you press home, the device is completely unusable for five whole seconds.  After some Google searching and random YouTube videos, it seemed like almost nobody else was having this problem, and those that were knew no solution.

I have to admit that shortly after getting my EVO 4G LTE, I experienced a similar issue to Tristan. I chalked it up to downloading and running too many apps and not rebooting my device for at least three days, so I shut it off and powered it back up again – my problems went away instantaneously, and they’ve never been back.

I should add that I’ve also turned off Fast boot in the Power menu; this not only helps save battery life, but it might contribute to the problem that Tristan and I both experienced.

However, if you’re experiencing this issue too, and a simple reboot doesn’t fix it for you, Tristan recommends another solution: simply go to Settings > Developer options and uncheck “Don’t keep activities.” Granted, that has always been unchecked for me (and I’ve never messed around in this menu before), but it seems as if it may be selected for some users. So make sure to double-check this in case you’re experiencing problems, but as always, your miles may vary.

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