Push to Kindle lets you send content from Android to a Kindle

push to kindle - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereSometimes I stumble across apps that I can’t use myself, but wish I could. Push for Kindle is such an app, and it actually made me wonder if I could use a Kindle in my gadget collection. What it does is to create an easy bridge between your Android device and your Kindle (app or actual device) so that you can select Push to Kindle in apps that offer Share functionality and have it sent to your Kindle via email. There are many apps that support the Share feature, with web browsers being most obvious but also joined by RSS readers, third party email apps, and so on.

Right now the app only supports the free method for sending articles to a Kindle, which means no 3G if I’ve understood things correctly (as I said, I don’t have a Kindle). Paid transfers will come in the next version, and by “paid” I mean “to Amazon” – the developer won’t charge you beyond the cost of the app, which is $2.50.

Services like Read It Later are quite popular, and this is basically the ultimate version of that, transferring the text to an e-ink device in the process. While I personally prefer to read on LCD (I’ve had an e-ink device before, so I know for sure) I can imagine this is the holy grail for people who read a lot online but prefer an e-ink device for longer pieces.

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