Quip is a great new Twitter client for the iPad

quip1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereA new Twitter client hit the App Store for the iPad yesterday, created by the same people that made The Early Edition. The $0.99 app takes a slightly new approach approach (these apps all do, don’t they?) to Twitter by focusing more on conversations and making sure that tweets that belong together stay together.

I’m not a big Twitter user myself, and I find social networks in general to be rather annoying. Twitter conversations are part of the reason for that annoyance, as seeing random replies and tweets without knowing the rest of the story can turn into a painful process of trying to track down the pieces. Long pressing on the profile picture next to any tweet will make Quip look for replies or parent tweets that belong to that tweet, which makes it easier to keep track.

That feature aside, the app is also ridiculously beautiful. When I complain that Android apps don’t look as good as iOS apps, apps like Quip are what I’m talking about. The animations, translucent UI elements and the background work together to create an app experience to be followed. Quip also has a couple of very iconic wings that show up here and there, like when you go to write a new tweet and the edit box literally flies to the front of the screen.

I’m also a big fan of the way the app handles images, something that has become a bigger and bigger part of Twitter. It’s more like browsing a photo viewer than a bunch of image links in tweets, and like the rest of the app, it looks great.

There are so many Twitter clients out there now, and so many that are good, that bringing something new to the table is hard. I think Quip has done it though, so if you’re a big Twitter user, you might want to invest the $1 to see if the app is for you.


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