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ROM Picks: ODJDuB HD 4K Chromium v.2.0 for the HTC EVO 4G

S2012 06 25 15.34.05 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereome very neat things are happening in the world of the original HTC EVO 4G, and ODJDuB HD 4K Chromium v.2.0 is one of them. Along with better performance, 4K (Four Kornerz) brings the Xperia Arc launcher to the EVO platform for what I believe is the first time.

The Xperia Arc Launcher features, among other things, icon-stuffable bubble corners, an app drawer that emulates iOS/MIUI’s home screens, and icons that behave as though they’re weighted. If you’ve become bored by launchers and haven’t played with this one yet, it’s pretty neat.

As EVO 4G ROMs go, this performs about as well as most others do. I think we’re getting to the point on the original EVO where all tweaks for battery life and speed have been found and incorporated into the base. There are faster ROMs out there, but not by terribly much.

4K also adds the latest Sony Bravia engine for camera performance. Textures appear improved, but I think the speed at which it takes pictures may be slightly a step down from the fastest EVO 4G camera. I’ve managed to blur a couple of shots with it, but the good ones are very good.

2012 06 25 15.33.58 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Rosie has been thrown out, and I don’t think you’ll miss it unless you absolutely can’t stand the launcher, in which case this probably is not a ROM for you to begin with. The dialer is custom, along with the lock screen. I’m not sure if there are any enhancements to either, or whether they just look very cool.

From the laundry list of features, this ROM contains a WiFi hotspot mod, a screenshot mod that I can’t find any documentation on, Darktremor’s A2SD for extended internal storage, extended settings, Bash shell support, a six-in-one reboot menu, CRT on and off animations, and a ton of miscellaneous enhancements.

According to previous version changelogs, a couple of things that I did not get a chance to play with included Beats audio and internet/3G tweaks. So it may sound a lot better and be faster, but headsets are not around me and I have no service on my 4G phone at the moment.

The boot animation of this ROM actually wins for most interesting to watch. I wish I had it as a live wallpaper or even an animated gif just to show it off. It sort of makes me think of a cross between the Doctor Who intro and a Weighted Companion Cube.

2012 06 25 15.34.14 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereIt’s also probably worth noting that the default screen setup for this ROM includes a chromed-out naked model with bits hidden. While it does fit pretty well with the chrome theme, it also might be not safe to be viewing the source link at work. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately), unlike some other ROMs we covered a while ago, it does not appear that scantily clad ladies are jammed in every application, just the wallpaper.

However you configure it though, this is a very interesting ROM to play with. It’s worth an install even if you’re planning to Nandroid back just to play around with some of the features that have not erupted on all the other EVO ROMs yet.

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