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ROM Picks: The Classic v0.1.0 for the HTC EVO 4G

2012 06 06 00 57 30 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereThe Classic is a ROM for the HTC EVO 4G based off of Sense 1.0. While it’s an older version of Sense, this also means it has less bloat, so the underlying ROM elements are pretty darn fast. And with the old style Rosie launcher, you’re left with a look quite reminiscent of the first Froyo ROMs that graced the OG, but much much faster.

 The Classic comes with a semi-transparent app drawer, CRT on and off animation, updated versions of most of the apps it ships with, enhanced quick settings, an ICS-themed control panel which seems a bit out of place but functions perfectly, a debloater application which allows you to delete, freeze, or defrost any installed application, a rather extensive collection of system tweaks, and a features list that includes most everything needed to make your typical flashaholic happy.

This is probably my first foray into old Sense ROMs with entirely new innards, but I’ve liked what I found. From the lockscreen to how the applications scroll by in the drawer, everything just seems kind of neat and new.

The bottom on-screen buttons have been replaced by a shutter that, when tapped in the middle, causes the app drawer to slide up. It’s really pretty slick, but also serves to hide the phone button when making a call. It’s still there, but if you’re looking for it like I was, you just have to remember where it should be.

2012 06 06 00 58 29 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereThere’s a lot that looks different between this ROM and others, and it’s pretty highly customized, but there’s not a lot of functional differences. It functions much like any other ROM, and it feels a lot snappier than stock, but about the same as most rooted ROMs that are out there for the EVO 4G these days.

I decided to run it through Quadrant, which doesn’t really tell you anything definitive, but does seem to indicate that The Classic is on-par with most other ROMs I’ve reviewed when it comes to speed right out of the box. I didn’t really get a feeling that the thing was as fast as the past couple of EVO 4G ROMs I’ve reviewed, but according to Quadrant it’s right up there with the best, even though I swear the video tests make it look slower.

Other than the ICS control panel, everything about this ROM is just smoothly in its place. The ROM is kind of distracting in the way that a classic car is, you just sort of enjoy lingering over the little details that have been added.

If you’re a die-hard new HTC Sense fan, you may want to steer clear from this ROM as Sense-based widgets and apps past version 1.0 most likely will not work. Other than that, everything on this functions like any modern ROM out there.

What’s kind of sad is it’s sitting on my desk next to my 3D and my 4G LTE which I’ve had for two days, and it’s getting all the looks.

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