Sony Tablet P finally, actually getting Ice Cream Sandwich

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Last month, we told you that the Sony Tablet P would be getting its long overdue update to Ice Cream Sandwich on May 24. While it has taken a little longer than predicted, Sony has just announced on their developer blog that the Tablet P’s update to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich is finally ready. Along with the announcement, Sony highlighted some of ICS’s new features and also mentioned that they have added direct access to the SD card, something called “Small Apps,” and better photo viewing.

However, while the update is indeed out there and available through the update menu for some devices, Sony says that the update will only be available in select markets at first. This means that some users may get the update before others, but many may not get it at all. According to discussion in our own Tablet P forum, it looks like the US AT&T version of the Tablet P could be one of the unlucky ones. However, if you have an international/non-branded Tablet P, it might be possible to search for updates and get the new software.

If you do have an AT&T branded US Tablet P, don’t lose hope just yet. With the Ice Cream Sandwich update from Sony out in the open, it is still very possible that developers may be able to find a way to force all Tablet P devices to update, or modify the official update for the AT&T device. Although it won’t be official, at least you will still be able to get Ice Cream Sandwich on your Tablet P.

Between the Tablet P’s new lower price and the release of the Android 4.0 update, I am actually a bit tempted by the tablet. It was much too expensive when it first came out, but if developers can find a way for everyone to get the Android 4.0 update, then getting a dual-screen Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet for $350 begins to look like a deal. I don’t think I’ll be buying a Tablet P just yet, but will certainly be keeping an eye on our Tablet P forum for any new developments around Ice Cream Sandwich.

[Sony Developer World via Android Central]
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