Spotify updates Android app, follows Ice Cream Sandwich Holo theme

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I’m a huge fan of Spotify. I tried Rdio for a month and, while it was a fantastic service, it had a lackluster library compared to Spotify.

But one thing that Rdio had that Spotify didn’t was a beautiful app. Spotify’s Android offering had always been behind the times in terms of UI design and overall usability – until today. The company has issued an update to the Android app, and along with it comes a Holo-ized UI and a much better experience overall.

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As you can see, the new interface is much-improved. Gone is the green and black motif of the previous Spotify app, which is replaced by this very ICS-esque color scheme and theme. Unfortunately, the green still stays – it is Spotify we’re talking about, after all. But it’s certainly not as apparent as the previous iteration of this app, so I can forgive the company for leaving a trace amount of its color.

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Here’s another screenshot of the app, this time when you pull up a song that’s currently playing. Everything is flat like you expect to see from other Holo apps; in other words, it’s beautiful – except for that green color. It’s really out of place here, but again, Spotify has to show its true colors.

Overall, this is a much-needed Spotify update. Performance is much better and I have yet to run across any bugs, although this was just released today. But as of right now, I’d say this may be a reason to pay the $10 a month subscription so you have music on the go: it works really well and looks great, plus you’ll have access to many songs for a low price.

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