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Sprint 4G LTE round-up: Unofficial roll out updates

4g lte small - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereThose of you with an HTC EVO 4G LTE, a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus, or an LG Viper 4G LTE are probably very curious to know what the status is on Sprint’s 4G LTE roll out. And while Sprint hasn’t really officially announced anything new, we are definitely getting closer to the official network launch.

Here are some unofficial updates for a few areas that are expected to be among the first to get access to 4G LTE:

  • Atlanta and Athens, GA: This market has over 150 sites currently broadcasting an LTE signal. This market should launch before the end of June, with between 35-40% of Network Vision sites completed at this time, broadcasting both LTE and enhanced 3G.
  • San Antonio, TX: This market has about 30 sites broadcasting LTE, and the market will probably launch before the end of June, as well. Initial 4G LTE coverage is expected to be spotty until more coverage gaps are filled in throughout the rest of this year.
  • Houston, TX: About 60 sites are currently broadcasting LTE, and the official launch is expected to be sometime in mid-July, with around 30-35% of Network Vision sites completed at launch.
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX: About 40 sites are currently broadcasting LTE all around the market, from Sherman to Waxahatchie. Like Houston, it’s probable that this market will officially launch in mid-July, with around 30-35% of Network Vision sites completed by then.
  • Kansas: About 30 sites are broadcasting LTE throughout the state, mainly in Kansas City, St. Joseph, and Sedalia, MO. Current speculation pegs the official launch in mid-July, as well, with only 25-30% of Network Vision sites completed.
  • Baltimore, MD: About 55 sites have completed Network Vision 3G enhancements, but they are not broadcasting LTE. This was supposed to have been completed by May, but it seems as if there may be a problem with the additional backhaul that’s required. An LTE/Network Vision launch is still expected in mid-July, with 25-30% of the Network Vision sites completed by then.
  • Austin, TX: Sprint’s Network Vision partner, Ericsson, established Waco, TX as a 4G LTE test ground. There are around 20 sites live in the Waco area now, and work has recently started in the rest of the Austin market. A launch is expected around the beginning of August, with about 30-40% of the network complete. 4G LTE will probably be noticeably spotty at first, but coverage will improve as gaps are filled in.
  • Boston, MA: 8 sites are currently broadcasting LTE, which is exciting because this market hasn’t been officially announced at all yet. As more sites go up and further Network Vision work is completed, it is expected that the market will officially launch towards the end of August.
  • Washington, DC: There are around 50 Network Vision sites live right now, on both the Maryland and Virginia side. This market is also unannounced, although it’s expected to launch towards the end of August with 30-40% of sites completed.

Please keep in mind the following points:

  1. This information is unofficial; it should be considered an unconfirmed leak. However, the source has historically been very reliable (see the links below). So take that as you will.
  2. Sprint is known to be actively blocking LTE sites until the official launch time, so even if LTE is broadcasting in your neighborhood, you might not see it yet on your device.
  3. These markets do not represent everything Sprint is doing right now. Work for Network Vision and the LTE roll out is being done in lots more places, so don’t get too disappointed if your area isn’t mentioned here. Remember, Sprint’s goal is still to finish the LTE rollout by the end of 2013.
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21 thoughts on “Sprint 4G LTE round-up: Unofficial roll out updates

  • Avatar of Paul E King

    Sprint – LaTE to the market!

  • Motor City is tired of waiting.

  • When I took my boyfriend up to sprint to put him on my contract the guy there was trying to talk him into a galaxy nexus (which stupidly the didn’t get cause itwasn’t in white) we where told Augusta ga would get lte in November. Idk if it’s true or if it was a phone selling tactic but he clearly said November.

  • Avatar of Donald Capone

    FYI – It is Waxahachie

  • Avatar of jonathon

    i hope st.louis gets LTE soon since other locations in missouri are getting it

  • I do not believe Sprint anymore – fool me once. Yes some of the big cities will get it but the rest of us will probably never see LTE. My city “has 4G WiMAX” Yep, 1 tower in the middle of town. That’s probably all they will install in cities smaller than Seattle or Los Angeles. Even Santa Monica still doesn’t have 4G service – you have to drive to Venice to get it. LOL.

  • This is old news! When is the FCC or some form of Law Enforcement going to investigated the fraud that Sprint has layed on their customers since the infamous Motorola “Instink”. Promises, promises and no action….. Nothing but lies and fraud.

  • Sprint will finish the 4G LTE (Lie To Everyone) by that time I will be able to upgrade from my EVO LTE

  • If Sprint says so, it Must be True!!
    I’d LMFAO, But All their BS really ain’t Funny Anymore.
    I don’t believe in Federal Intervention, But when it come to the Cellular Monopolies, They Need Oversight, Especially Sprint!

  • FYI of the “KANSAS” cities you listed, none are in Kansas. Sedalia, St. Joe, and Kansas City are in Missouri. There is a Kansas city Ks that is across the river but it is small and generally regarded as being part of the metro area.

  • LTE??
    How ’bout Wimax??
    Oh :-(

    • I guess in the Sprint World, New Networks Skip a Contract Period :-(

  • Inside Sprint Now has been terminated by Worldpress! So tell me Sprint where and when do u update ur loyal customers of any new news…..or is there any? Biker ur right where is Wimax or any network sprint haas promised?

  • Avatar of Simon Belmont

    Hopefully LTE is rolled out around me by the time I’m eligible for an upgrade. That will be around May of next year.

    I’ve had good speeds with WiMax around me. 15-20+ Mbps all day long. I guess I’m lucky. I feel bad for the folks who don’t have it or the speeds are slow.

  • Avatar of James Davidson

    We never got WIMAX In Milwaukee, so LTE better come for someone who paid for 4G on my last EVO the whole time and never got to use it!

  • Anyone got info on the Los Angeles rollout?

  • Yes LA will be treated like Hess’s favorite…a red headed step child!

  • I’ve got a 4g signal but it from 6p to 6a Suwanee,, ga

  • It’s like Vegas nights waiting on a big gamble for lte in your city or metro area, when they do turn on lte their going to charge more for for the 10.00 for all smart phone charge to 15.00-20.00 a month to cover the law suites and the iPhone and bonuses that the top management will get ,I’m very sure the price will go up if u have a lte device all ready the price won’t change congratulations u grandfathered the flying 10.00 ,and since you was a smart butt and didn’t buy the trap phone now since the company juiced up the 1-15 towers in your area for the name of mighty lte name and honor sakes and you want a evo lte or sg3 and hang out with the big dogs on the block or at least look the roll bend over for your new upgrade lte has a new member to screw so your screwed if you do, and your screwed if you don’t so it all depends on how u want your piece ,the insurance was the first to go up and its starting bubble and stink bad I’ve had insurance for a straight 12 yrs , these super phones are incredible devices and we do live in the future, but some hype is better seen than said ……..I’M ROCK N 2 HTC EVO OG’S

  • Like to report that I’m getting 8.75 mbs on the evo og on 4g Wimax in Atl for a solid week or two maybe a little longer I travel every day at work so the network is diffrent in diffrent citys ,I was in destin Florida last week and the servise was very bad in that area showed 3 bars of signal but the down speed and up speed sucked like lemon fish tho I have seen guys rock n the new evo and they said its its better and no problems what so ever so it might all boil down to where u live and how many towers are in your area ,here in Atlanta they have radios toweres in every direction you look ,radio towers and camras with car recognition ,tag recognition ,face scan , bio scan , they have the streets that have infrared lights as well as ambient light you can see theirs over 60 free chanels on the digital tv not cable tv every one has cell phones Atlanta is also home of Georgia tec , and not far is uga ,its like part of the metro area I have reported befor they are building a grid thru out north American ,here in at Atlanta all the high speed 4g lte ,4g Wimax ,hspi or what ever other communication networks power the grid on certain parts of the interstate highways we pay to drive on all lanes in the future will be taxes per mile they have put in place Rfid readers along the highways throughout ga,sc,nc,tn,fl,tx la, some parts al, ms these are just to name a few states I have seen with new Rfid tec bluetooth tec ,infared tec ,our cell phones,or smart phones make up a jucntion point of digital identification on all of us we live in the future people wake up ,their is a one world economy and other forces that are unifying this new age of computer tec where everything can be controled by computer networks its we are makeing the choices now in a whole and we are saying give us this advanced soceity ,lol they are makeing the nafta highway just as they plan theirs 12 lane highways with concrete divided walls that go thro ga in the middle of no where hundreds of miles away from Atlanta on I75s with cameras and Rfid readers and all I mintioned earlier


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