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Sprint customers can now change numbers online for free; what other self-service options do you want?

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As of May 24, Sprint customers have been able to change their mobile numbers online for free; previously, this required a call to customer service or a visit to a retail store, although customers who opt to communicate with a live human being will now be charged a $15 fee.

This “live human being” fee will be waived for temporary number assignments for port-ins, or for public sector and federal accounts. All others, however, will be forced to use Sprint’s online system in order to avoid paying this fee. (Just for reference, AT&T charges $36 to change your number, regardless of the method; T-Mobile charges $15 and only lets you do this with a person, and Verizon’s fee structure is identical to Sprint’s.)

This got me thinking: what other self-service options do you like to see from your wireless provider? Sprint is pretty good about allowing customers to add or remove most features themselves, as well as control calling, texting, and data access for various lines. Sprint also allows users to block numbers themselves on an individual basis, although they recently took away the ability to view sent and received MMS messages online.

Regardless of what carrier you’re on right now, are you satisfied with what they let you control online, or would you like a bit more control over your account? Let us know below!

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