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Sprint giving corporate customers a $100 gift card when purchasing an HTC EVO View 4G or ZTE Optik

sprint tablet promo - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereIf you’re a corporate liable (CL) Sprint customer, and you’re in the market for a cheap(ish) Android tablet – one that’ll get the job done but isn’t necessarily the latest or greatest as far as specs go – then you may be interested in Sprint’s latest deal. Right now, Sprint is offering the HTC EVO View 4G for only $197.99, or the ZTE Optik for $99.99, plus a free $100 Visa gift card with activation.

This means that, in effect, you’ll get the EVO View 4G for less than $100, and the ZTE Optik for free. Of course, you’ll need to activate these tablets on a data plan, which starts at $34.99 for 3GB of 3G/4G data (Sprint seems to have done away with the $19.99 contract plan). All-in-all, that’s not a bad deal for these devices – even if you’re stuck with a contract. And even though the EVO View never was very popular, it makes a fantastic portable media player/e-reader/Draw Something game console; that’s basically all I use it for.

To get this promotion, you’ll have to register at, and use promo code C1523L. You should also be aware that the line has to remain active for at least 30 days before you’re eligible for the reward, and it takes 8-12 weeks for customers to receive the Visa gift card, but that’s pretty standard for these types of Sprint promotions.

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