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Sprint’s first LTE markets set to officially launch soon [Updated]

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All of you HTC EVO 4G LTE users out there who have yet to experience LTE: listen up! According to the latest intel from Inside Sprint Now, which has been notoriously accurate with past leaks, Sprint is all set to launch LTE in Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. Customers in these markets will receive a text message notifying them of the new 4G network, and even more cities are expected to launch later this summer.

Sprint will send out this text on June 7, and it reads:

SprintFreeMsg: Ready for some GREAT news? Sprint is rolling out an all-new network in (insert city here). Learn more at Reply End to stop.

Additionally, along with 4G LTE, customers in these markets will also be able to take advantage of faster 3G as part of Sprint’s Network Vision enhancements. I don’t know about you, but to me this is very welcome news. I certainly took something of a leap of faith in order to buy a Sprint LTE device with no LTE network yet, so I’m happy to see that Sprint still seems to be on schedule with the rollout.

How about you? If you live in any of these markets, have you already gotten a glimpse of LTE on your EVO? And if so, what have your speeds been like? Let us know below!

Update: According to the latest report from Inside Sprint Now, it appears that the text announcement has been delayed for unknown reasons.

[Inside Sprint Now]
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31 thoughts on “Sprint’s first LTE markets set to officially launch soon [Updated]

  • I live on the outer edge of Houston, I work close to downtown Houston. I’m able to get a LTE 4G signal for a few minutes near my job, I’m unable to get a 4G LTE signal at my house. Yes I do know that its not officially launched yet but I will be a little upset if I don’t get LTE 4G at home. I use to get Wimax at home and work, I know it sounds bad that I’m complaining about something that hasn’t launched and when a lot of people never got WiMAX. I did take several speed test on the LTE and got 3/5 mbps on several tests, that’s also on an empty network, I wonder what’s its going to be like when there’s thousands of people on it.

    • Sometimes towers for a new network aren’t operated at full power until it launches officially in the area, not saying that’s the case for you but it could be.

  • Is anyone else losing there 3g signal on their EVO LTE randomly for 10 seconds and getting it back, it happens to me all the time? It happened when trying to post my above comment.

    • Avatar of Carl Depeine

      I get the same thing with my Evo. I’ll have a 3g signal and it will cut out for no reason. Can anyone else verify this?

      • Avatar of Adam Bublitz

        yes i’m having the same issue!

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      yup, got that for a long time. Signal bar disappears, reappears 10 seconds later. Had that on the 3D and the original 4G though. Have not noticed it on the 4GLTE yet though

  • Avatar of Adam Bublitz

    What about Kansas city…I mean sprint your headquarters is kind of located here! You also said 4G would be here !

  • What about Vegas we use to be on the list of new things now not even on the list!

  • Also wondering about Boston area? (I hear there are some towers South of the city testing LTE, but I’m North of the city and I haven’t heard about that area of the State yet.)
    Also can’t wait for a better 3G signal as well.

  • Hmm – the actual website states “Get Ready! Upcoming LTE launches in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio markets”
    Nothing about Austin

    • Avatar of John Freml

      You are correct – original article has been updated. Thanks!

  • Any word about New York City and Miami regarding LTE?
    Pre Orders are being taken for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Sprint variant, 32GB internal storage option, external SD card (up to 64GB,) and hopefully 2GB RAM.
    In addition to a 2100mAh Removeable battery. Com’on, you gotta love those specs ;-)
    But I’ll be holding off until:
    – LTE is up, so I don’t give up my limited geographical 4G I’m getting now.
    – the reviews are in regarding the S3

  • I’m a big EVO fan and have owned every EVO released except this one.
    I think it should be illegal to launch and sell devices with LTE without rolling out the network. Most of the customers aren’t aware of the details and are being suckered into purchasing a 4G phone.

  • One of the Facts is that if you live in one of those Rare areas that have 4G service, and you purchase an LTE device and deactivate your 4G device, you will NOT get 4G service with your newly purchased,activated LTE device, and will be relegated to using the Snail’s Crawl 3G network until the LTE Network is up and running in your area.
    And if you’re used to traveling to other areas with 4G service, forgheddabout accessing 4G with your Brand New 4G Device, and hope that those traveled to areas also have LTE up and running.
    If Sprint’s track record is any indicating of how fast they’ll have LTE up and running, Good Luck to Ye Faithful.
    I have the SET4G, But I’ll be holding off purchasing the S3, until LTE is up and running in the areas I’d be in, cause I’m one of the few who have 4G service.
    Sprint has No Shame regarding rolling out LTE devices before having the LTE Network running somewhere.
    They have no choice but to make LTE devices available, because the other carriers are, and Have LTE up and running.

    • Correction:
      I meant to say your Brand New ‘LTE’ device, regarding traveled to areas.

      • I never heard such a Load of CRAP regarding Sprint’s reasoning for releasing LTE Devices before having the LTE Network up and running, and that they find nothing wrong with it.
        They say that customers sign 2 year commitments, and that Sprint will have the newest networking up and running during that time!!
        And how bout the fact that the 1900mhz LTE devices they’re selling now, won’t work on their 800mhz LTE Network when they get that up and running?
        But I’m getting ahead of myself now.
        Let’s take Baby Steps, and hope that LTE gets up and running during customers 2 year commitment.
        Lest No One Forgets about their Wimax Fiasco?? Most Customers were charged a $10 monthly surcharge, But Never had 4G Service, Ever!

        • For those of you that live in Florida, LTE won’t be coming to you until The End of 2013!! 1 1/2 Years from now!!
          As per a Sprint customer rep’s answer to a customer.
          Now why would Anyone Purchase an LTE device, and sign a 2 year Contract, if this is the case, and if you now get 4G Service.
          This is Really Pathetic on Sprint’s part.

  • Oh, as a side note, last I checked this past January, my 2 Year Contract was up in October 2010. I had checked multiple times before and after.
    I even copied and pasted the pop up box with this info to MS Word.
    I just looked at my account info on the Sprint Website, and it now says my 2 year contract is up in January 2013!!
    Last I checked, and knew, my contract expired in October 2010.
    Everyone better CHECK their CONTRACT EXPIRATION DATES on the website, because I can’t be the Only Customer this has happened to.
    I won’t go into length about this here, as it’s not the Topic, But I just wanted to make the Community Aware of this, so you can Check out your own contract dates.
    I called Sprint, and they’re rambling something about a Touch Diamond replacement I received in 2011,where they used my Upgrade eligibility!!
    Why would I use an upgrade, when I could purchase a Diamond, if I needed it, for less than a hundred bucks?
    Heck, I recently purchased my SE4GT for over $420 so I wouldn’t have to sign a new contract.
    Anyway, I gotta research this BS which is hard to do, considering it’s one and a half years ago, and I just found this out, because the site contract date was just changed.
    I’ll most likely have to get The Consumerist reps involved, Executive Services, to help resolve this Crap!
    Anyway, I Suggest Everyone CHECK your CONTRACT DATES.

    • @Biker1 – if you didn’t purchase/replace the Touch Diamond (which should be very easily verified) in January 2011, you can ask Sprint to rectify the error.

      If you did replace the Touch Diamond, was it under TEP? Or did you pay full price for it? How did you pay for it (Credit card?)
      Might just be an incorrectly coded replacement.

      “Why would I use an upgrade, when I could purchase a Diamond, if I needed it, for less than a hundred bucks?” <– true

      • UPDATE/CORRECTION Regarding Contract:

        1/18/2011 – I checked which said my contract commitment was completed on 10/10/2010.
        1/21/2011 – I purchased the HTC Evo 4G from Sprint, with a 2 year commitment, which is through 1/2013.

        I checked all my records, and saw the above.
        It was the Rep saying that I didn’t have TEP, and that I used my Upgrade to purchase the HTC Touch Diamond in 1/2011, which threw me, cause my records showed that the Diamond was an Asurion replacement, with a $100 deductible paid in 10/2010.

        I currently have the SET4G, which I paid for without a contract renewal.
        I have been eligible for an equipment upgrade cause I was in the now defunct Gold Premier program.

        Anyway, there you have it, and I wanted to correct the Record.

        • @Biker1: As long as you have proof that it was an Asurion replacement (your payment records should be proof enough), it should be an easy fix. Of course getting to a rep who will look into this may take a few calls :)
          Hope they get it resolved asap. Else, consumerist has a hot line

  • This all sounds very familiar. They fooled me once when I bought the EVO 4G with the promise of a fast rollout of the 4G network. I live south of Boston and still don’t have a 4G signal at my house two years later. I work south of Providence and still don’t have a 4G signal at work. Don’t hold your breath…..

    • But you’re the Exception, Not the Rule.
      Just kidding.
      Most Customers have never seem 4G in their area.
      Sprint’s track record is piss poor, to say the least.
      Most companies would have been outta business by now, pulling the Wimax crap they did.
      Now with selling LTE devices before the LTE Network is available to the masses, I hope this is not Deja vu :-(

      This is really a Buncha Bull if you ask me though.

  • I hate this thing that Sprint is doing having devices with no LTE network I have d old EVO my contract already expired 3 months ago n unfortunately I just can’t move to another carrier I spent 21 GB’s per month sucks

  • Still waiting in Dallas.

  • Avatar of Marcus Jones

    Ok well lets look at this everyone. You can go and get crapped on at the other carriers and pay way more or you can ride it out. I am for one looking hopeful for the LTE. However I barely use my phone where there is not wifi. Unlimited Data on a family plan is what makes me stay with Sprint. I came back from Afghanistan and got EVO but hardly ever had 4G at all and well I will wait a little more on the EVO 4G LTE and see what happens. 3G is good enough for what I ever use it for on the road.

  • I am amazed at the people who are bitching about Sprint releasing LTE devices before the network is up…Hell I’m still waiting to get a whiff of a 4G Wimax signal. You can bet your ass I won’t be duped again. Me and my money will be finding a different carrier if the Sprint d-bags don’t get their preverbial 4G shit together.

    • But Sprint has Unlimited Data.
      Just that you can’t use that much Data with just the slow as pocus 3G.
      Mark my words, when LTE gets off the ground to the MASSES, Kiss Unlimited Data Bye-Bye!

  • Is there any updates on the 1st LTE markets coming up?


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