SSD prices have dropped 48% since last year

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Many new laptops – Mac and PC alike – have started to ship with either flash-based or solid-state storage. In addition to being more durable, flash-based and solid-state storage offer increased performance while producing less heat and needing less energy.

Unfortunately, the majority of laptops still come with rotating disk drives. They require more energy because they need to spin and produce more heat, and those two things don’t even come with any performance benefits. The worst part about typical rotating drives is that they’ve been much cheaper than their motionless cousins, meaning that a lot of the people who wanted the luxuries that SSDs bring just couldn’t afford them.

As with most technology, though, prices do go down after a while; thankfully, that applies to SSDs, too. The Tech Report made the graph that you see in this post. It shows the price per gigabyte (GB) of the most popular SSDs. Some of the SSDs listed towards the top of this graph are even below $1 per GB. That’s in the price range of platter-based drives – which means SSDs have started to become viable substitutes to traditional hard drives.

After The Tech Report took all of its research into consideration, it found that prices for solid-state drives have dropped 48% since last year. That’s a huge chunk of savings – one that’s actually making me consider putting a 120GB in my dying MacBook Pro. This is the best time to do it, so I think I may just have to pull the trigger sometime soon.

Are any of you considering a jump to SSD storage? Or are you perfectly content with whatever technology you have now? Let me know in the comments!

[The Tech Report via The Verge]
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