The first Poweramp update in ages brings quite a few new features

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Poweramp is my preferred music player on Android, but when it comes to updates, it isn’t the most active one. However, it finally just received a new update, and while there’s nothing revolutionary in the change log, it’s a long enough list of additions to make it worthy of a pat on the back.

The word HTC is very easy to spot in the change log, as many of the updates and fixes are for HTC devices: the HTC One X should now work with the app, HTC sound enhancements are now supported, and – in the case of the Desire HD – the app now supports the Dolby sound enhancement effect.

Other changes include more languages, updated settings, and support for that horrible action bar in Honeycomb and ICS. The widgets have been updated to work better on the gigantic Galaxy Note screen, and one more step up in size you’ll find some improvements for the built in skins when used on tablets. There are also a few improvements and extra settings for how the app scans folders, and that type of a detail is exactly why I like Poweramp to begin with – attention to details.

The full update log is as follows:

– improved notification controls
– added HTC Sound Enhancement support (HTC FX @ Tone/Vol screen, doesn’t work on HTC One X)
– German (thanks to Vincent T.)
– Italian (thanks to Luigiantonio Calò)
– Spanish (thanks to Luis Gallón, Jose Martin)
– Chinese Traditional (thanks to Jane Zhang, KaiChing Chang)
– HTC One X support
– Meizu MX support
– support for Dolby effect on HTC DHD
– settings revamp
– action bars support for Honeycomb/ICS
– additional action bars options for ICS
– improved build-in skins for tablets
– background folders scan
– additional scanning options
– improved multiple storages scan
– folders/library layout improvements
– a bit sharper icons
– large widget now spans whole screen on Galaxy Note
– added workaround for rare Samsung CPU related crash
– few other bug fixes and improvements

poweramp qr1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereThere are still no true updates to widgets, though, which is my major complaint with Poweramp right now. The app seems to have settled into a routine of being “finished,” with updates being few and far between, and with mostly maintenance type updates in the change log. That means I’m not overly optimistic about ever seeing better widgets in the app, but that’s something I can live with.

Download: Google Play

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