To use GSM Galaxy Nexus pogo pin accessories with your Verizon branded version, just break out the sandpaper

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While accessories that utilize the GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus’s pogo charging pins have been out for some time now, consumers with the US Verizon-branded version of the device have been having a little more trouble getting their hands on such accessories. This is because the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is just a little bit thicker than the standard device, meaning that the accessories are not compatible out of the box. Verizon Galaxy Nexus users in search of these accessories have even inspired an IndieGoGo project where you can make your own pogo pin car dock or desktop dock, but it turns out that there may be an even simpler solution to the lack of pogo pin accessories compatible with the Galaxy Nexus LTE.

An XDA forum user who grew impatient with the wait for official Verizon Galaxy Nexus accessories took matters into his own hands, bought the GSM dock, and then simply sanded it down to fit the Verizon Nexus. As you can see above, it’s not the most attractive DIY project, but according to the maker it is completely functional. The method for adapting the GSM dock for the LTE Nexus is fairly simple, requiring only some sandpaper and a bit of work to grind the dock down to size. Around a 200 grit was used for the actual shaping, and then 400 grit sandpaper was used to smooth the finish so as not to damage the device. Of course, as with any such project your mileage may vary, so just use whatever ends up working for you.

Although this project obviously only concerns the desktop dock, it seems possible that the same approach might work for those mentioned earlier who are in need of a car dock for their Verizon Nexus. It still won’t be cheap, as you will first have to buy the standard GSM car dock, but it looks like this sandpaper solution could still manage to save users some cash. Not only that, it could also help Verizon Nexus owners get working official accessories much faster, since Verizon doesn’t seem to be in any rush to get pogo accessories out there. So, while it isn’t the most elegant solution, it certainly works, and I do admire the simplicity of the mod and its potential benefit to users.

On a broader scale, it also shows that users really do like the idea of using pogo charging pins on devices, an idea which I really hope catches on. In fact, Andreas included pogo pins in his mockup of the perfect smartphone, and I would definitely do the same. There are plenty of uses for the pins, and they are much more convenient and durable than the standard microUSB connector. Clearly, users are interested in pogo pin devices and accessories, so hopefully manufactures will catch on and start making more compatible products. In the case of the Galaxy Nexus, difference in the carrier version of the device clearly aren’t helping the situation, but that’s an entirely different topic.

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