Two new AOSP-based ROMs available now for HTC EVO 3D

There are two new AOSP offerings available right now for the HTC EVO 3D, breathing new life into some old favorites. The first is an unofficial port of CyanogenMod 9 by agraben called “Devil Toast.” This is the first CM9 build for the EVO 3D with a fully-functional 2D camera and video recorder, although the front camera, WiMAX, and 3D still don’t work.

The second new AOSP offering is an updated version of MIUI v4, which is based off the above CyanogenMod port. This is a joint effort between agrabenCMBaughmann (who’s done a lot of the java work to make this ROM functional), and digitalhigh, although the ROM also has its fair share of issues right now: the rear camera can only take 2D pictures (video recording has been disabled until the kernel source is ready), and you may experience various glitches when navigating through certain menues.

While both of these are still very much in beta, and they aren’t yet ready to be a daily driver just yet, they’re still huge leaps forward from the last time there were AOSP ICS offerings for the EVO 3D. We’ve got a gallery of exclusive screenshots sent to us by one of the developers working on the MIUI ROM below; according to him, “when all is said and done, both this ROM and CM9 will have working 3D display/camera and 4G, as well as all the other hardware.  And that’s not like a ‘maybe someday’ sort of thing, but something that is actively being fixed.”

Sounds promising!

If you’re brave enough to give these a try, let us know how they work, and help the developers out by letting them know if you discover any new bugs.

Thanks, digitalhigh!

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