Winamp celebrates 15th anniversary with Android app update

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The multi-platform music player software Winamp just turned 15, and it marked that date with updates for the Windows, Mac, and Android versions of the software. The big new thing here is an in-app store that so far only carries the existing $5 Pro version upgrade and a new feature called Album Washer.

Album Washer is the same feature that music software has had for ages: The ability to scan tracks and automatically update the metadata with track info and album art. You basically select an album or track that is a bit iffy when it comes to tagging, and Album Washer will attempt to clean it up for you. The problem is that album art it finds is less than what Poweramp finds without a separate paid plugin, and track info tagging is something you can get for free elsewhere, too. The day that someone comes up with making these track taggers also use Google instead of just music databases is going to be a grand day, as that’s where I find most of the info for my weird music, anyway. Album Washer definitely isn’t anything new, and it just fails as badly in finding rare music as everything else. Bottom line, even on sale for $1, I don’t think I would recommend buying Album Washer.

winamp - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereThe rest of the update isn’t overly exciting, either, consisting of some bug fixes, ALAC (Apple Lossless) support for the Pro version, and the ability to move the app to the SD card. It’s just a medium update (1.3), so I guess the Album Washer feature is enough to write home about for some people. But you have to do more than duplicate the systems used by other software for a decade if you want to make me raise an eyebrow, even if having it on Android is at least a little bit more useful.

Download: Google Play

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