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Anthrax custom kernels come to the HTC EVO 4G LTE

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Many of you from the HTC EVO 4G and 3D may recall the wide variety of custom kernels that were available for the units. Up until now there have not been completely custom kernels for the HTC EVO 4G LTE due to the lack of HTC sourc ecode, but that was remedied last week when HTC released it. Now Chad Goodman of Anthrax fame has released a few test builds for the phone based on that source code.

The builds boot and work for the most part, but it’s pretty early in development and as such probably only good for people who are interested in helping debug the kernels. They’re not quite daily driver candidates just yet, although give them another day or two and I would expect a new batch that fixes the current minor issues.

The current test builds allow for overclocking to 2.1ghz and have some kernel-side tweaks to fix some multithreading issues.

If you’re interested in trying them, head on over to the new home of Anthrax at You’ll need an account there to download kernels and keep up with news, but the account creation is mostly there so you have to agree that installing it could brick your phone and kill your gerbil and that you’re not going to post his work elsewhere.

Along with his EVO 4G LTE offerings, there are some announcements of new EVO 3D kernels coming out shortly.

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3 thoughts on “Anthrax custom kernels come to the HTC EVO 4G LTE

  • good shIT!!!!!! im a beta kernel tester for chad!!!! this phone is about to kick even more a$$!!!!!!!! YEZZZUUUrrrrrrrr :)

  • This is what I have been waiting for since I opened my 4G LTE. Chad rocks at kernel dev!

  • Only thing I really want out of custom kernel is USB OTG support, which sadly also requires ROM driver work. Still, Chad’s a wizard and I’m sure he’ll cook up some interesting stuff.


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