Apple set to announce new iPhone, 7-inch iPad September 12?

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The iPhone 4S is closing in on its first birthday. The newest iteration of Apple’s smartphone was announced on October 4, 2011, with a release one week later. Even if it does suck down the battery at a rapid rate, the 4S is still a good handset – but every great handset has to be replaced with an even better one. And according to multiple sources, Apple’s 4S successor will be announced on September 12 – along with a smaller iPad.

This alleged date was first brought up by iMore. The site claims that “This information comes from sources who have proven accurate in the past.” Some of those past accuracies include the new iPad launch and the preorder date for the iPhone 4S, as pointed out by Mac Rumors.

Of course, even the most reliable of sources can be wrong – and honestly, that’s what I was thinking when I first heard this news. But then AllThingsD posted its own “confirmation” of the supposed September 12 announcement, saying “Apple is currently planning an event for the week of September 9th, with Wednesday being the date on which it will likely be held.”

With two very accurate and dependable sites reporting the same announcement date, it seems plausible already. But then The Verge confirmed with its own sources that September 12 is indeed the date on which Apple will announce its new products, adding to the already-burning rumors.

Finally, The Loop‘s incredibly informed Jim Dalrymple replied to the whole matter with a simple “Yep.” Dalrymple is known for his one word confirmations of new Apple happenings, be it new products or special events in which they’re announced.

Four reliable sources have claimed that September 12 will bring us these new iDevices, so I think it’s safe to assume that it will indeed be the date. On that day, we’ll find out exactly what Apple’s planning on doing with its line of iOS hardware – including if the company is ready to fight the hacker crowd head-on with special dock connector cables that block wired jailbreaks.

I wouldn’t have reported on it if I didn’t feel it was true, so I’m curious about your thoughts. Do you think Apple’s new devices will be released on September 12? Sound off in the comments!

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