Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro leaks by way of GeekBench benchmarks

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At its Worldwide Developers Conference this year, Apple made quite an impression by introducing its Retina MacBook Pro. Most reviews of the 15-inch Mac laptop were very high, noting that speedy internals, an incredibly sharp display, and a relatively thin and light body for a 15-inch notebook were some of the best features.

Still, it’s around four and a half pounds heavy and has a similar footprint of a non-Retina model, so it’s not the perfect solution for every mobile user. Thankfully, Apple also offers a 13-inch MacBook Pro model, although this current model is just under one-inch thick and has a paltry 1280 x 800 resolution. According to some GeekBench bookmarks of a yet-to-be-released MacBook Pro, however, that resolution and thick body are soon to be bumped up and (presumably) cut down, respectively.

The model identifier MacBookPro10,x signifies a Retina MacBook Pro. The current 15-inch model is MacBookPro10,1, meaning that MacBookPro10,2 is a different Retina model for this generation. (The first number – in this case, 10 – in any Apple model identifier tells you which generation a model is a part of.)

How do we know this is a 13-inch Pro and not a smaller or bigger one? Well, if you look at the processor that’s included, you’ll see that it’s a dual-core i7 clocked at 2.9GHz – the same processor that’s in the current high-end 13-inch Pro. The only other Apple notebook that offers dual-core processors is the MacBook Air, but the fastest clock speed you can get for that product is 2.0GHz.

According to a pair of tweets by MacRumors‘ Editorial Director Arnold Kim, the Retina resolution for a 13-inch screen would be 2560 x 1600, which he came up with by doubling the current gen’s resolution. It’s a good bet, considering that’s exactly what Apple did for the 15-inch model.

Hopefully this 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro will be sent to stores soon. After all, it’s a part of the current generation of Retina MacBook Pro models (as signified by the 10) so it’s possible that we could see it relatively soon.

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