AutoRemote allows you to remote control Tasker from any browser

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A new app just came out for us Tasker fans, and its name is AutoRemote. Made by the same developer that made AutoShortcut and AutoBarcode, the new app (or Tasker plugin, if you like) allows you to control Tasker from a personal URL using any browser.

The URL contains a script which allows you to send messages to AutoRemote on your specific device. This message can then be used to trigger profiles (either as states or events), as well as transfer the contents of the message into Tasker variables. It’s similar to what’s possible with Notify My Android, though it’s actually made for Tasker, and doesn’t leave any system wide notifications when incoming messages arrive.

This system has almost limitless possibilities. It can work with a single profile or multiple, and can be set up so that you essentially need to use a code word/number in your message to make anything trigger, for security (not that anyone is likely to guess your URL). You could use this to create a profile that allows you to activate a “find me” profile on your that makes a lot of noise, let your spouse send you messages that are automatically read aloud if you’re in the car, add items to your phone’s todo list from a computer, toggle settings remotely, send yourself codes or URLs, activate security measures if your phone is stolen, or any number of other things. It’s a Tasker plugin, so basically it’s an empty infrastructure that allows you to do many things as long as you configure it yourself.

autoremote - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Download: Google Play

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