The Avengers Initiative Second Screen app hits the iPad App Store

Whether you like super hero movies or not, The Avengers is arguably one of the biggest movie releases in years, being the result of multiple super hero movies leading up to it over the last half a decade or so. It’s therefore not surprising that the movie is treated to a new type of mobile device integration we’ve started seeing over the last few years in form of a companion app for the movie. While the theater showings of the movie are for the most part over, it will be released on those tiny, shiny frisbees that they insist on still releasing movies on in September, and that’s what this app is aiming to be a companion for.

But we’re in July, you might say, why is the app out now? Well, in what I can only assume is an attempt at giving the app more time to get onto people’s iPads, the app is being released gradually, with the initial framework and first bits of content available in it now, with more coming in the two remaining months before the release of the movie. Right now you have a few special effects spotlights, a couple of characters profiles, and some sort of weird puzzle game, with the rest of the app being unavailable in this release.

The app is free, which is a good thing, but for some reason it’s not available in all countries – perhaps only the US, even (all I know is that it’s available in the US, but not here in Norway). It should be available as a website too though, at some point, but that hasn’t launched yet.

avengers ipad - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereAs for the contents, there are bits I like, and bits I don’t like. There’s a nice special effects section where you can view certain scenes from the movie that are heavy on special effects, and use a slider to see how the scene was built up using computer imaging. That’s the sort of bonus content I personally love, whereas the sections with character bios that are presented as if the movie was real (“this is Captain Americas uniform” instead of “this is the Captain America costume”) doesn’t interest me as much, and might be better suited those close to the age rating and/or are fans of the Avengers franchise outside of this movie.

Download: iTunes

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