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Avoid shipping charges for accessories at Sprint’s private EPRP online store

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Recently, I was in a bit of a dilemma: I really wanted to buy an official Sprint car dock for my HTC EVO 4G LTE, but all of my local stores were out of stock. I went online and discovered that Sprint wanted to charge an outrageous $6.50 for shipping. I called Sprint, and they refused to waive the shipping charge. What was I to do?

I decided to try the private Sprint EPRP online store.

Of course, this store is supposed to be by invitation only, but all you need to access the site is a Sprint employee’s email address, along with their employee ID. Google makes this really easy to find, or you could even search through some user comments here at Pocketables. In any case, it’s very easy for a savvy public to get access to a store that’s not so private, after all.

And the best part is that Sprint’s EPRP store waives the standard shipping charges on all orders – accessories included. There’s only one thing to watch out for: if your Sprint account doesn’t already include a special EPRP discount, do not select your account at the checkout screen. Simply proceed as if you’re a brand new customer, because you’ll get an error message otherwise.

This trick saved me $6.50 in shipping charges, along with a few cents in tax – for some reason, Sprint’s online tax rate was a little less than in my local store. This was probably a mistake, but I’m not going to complain!

[Sprint EPRP]
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