CrowdGadgets Episode 44: New Players in the Smartphone Market

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With Apple, Microsoft, and Google’s events out of the way, the tech industry was much
quieter this week. But that doesn’t mean it was completely devoid of news. Rumors of Amazon making a smartphone have once again surfaced, and Mozilla plans to release Firefox OS next year. Plus, AT&T plans to roll out a perma-ban service for stolen smartphones and Microsoft will sell Windows 8 Pro for just $40 at launch. Tune in to the CrowdGadgets podcast to hear Calob, John, and William discuss all this and more.

00:47 – Amazon planning on making its own smartphone?
07:23 – Mozilla to make its own mobile OS
09:24 – Microsoft to sell Windows 8 Pro upgrade for $40
12:46 – AT&T to roll out perma-ban service
16:05 – Galaxy Nexus banned and then un-banned
19:16 – HTC EVO 3D still awaiting Ice Cream Sandwich

Hosts: Calob Horton, John Freml, and William Devereux
Podcast Editor: Calob Horton
Newsletter Editor: William Devereux

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Going on vacation this summer? Paul has a guide on how to survive Google products without access to the internet. Of course, if you’re newer to Android, you might enjoy Andreas’ primer on how to customize an Android home screen. On the PC side, Calob has given up on his dream of an all-powerful Ultrabook and William continues to
detail his experience with the Windows 8 Release Preview.


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Calob wasn’t too thrilled with IPEVO’s previous iPad case. Thankfully, the company’s new 360 Degrees Rotating Folio iPad case is much better, earning a very respectable 4.5/5 stars in Pocketables’ review. If you prefer smartphone cases, check out Paul’s review of the Seidio Convert Combo for the HTC EVO 4G LTE, which offers massive protection at an equally massive size.

Good and EVO

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Does your EVO 4G LTE have multiple personalities? John’s device certainly seems to. Overclocking it won’t fix the problem, but at least it’ll make it faster. If you’re into ROMs, Good and EVO has two excellent picks: RemICS-UX and MeanROM ICS 0.9. Finally, Rogers’ EVO 3D has received an update to ICS and Sprint is getting the white EVO 4G LTE on July 15.

Smartphones from Amazon and Mozilla?

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The smartphone market is already fairly crowded, but two companies are looking to join the competition: Amazon and Mozilla. The first smartphones running Firefox OS will be made available early next year – most likely in the form of low-end handsets – and rumors of an Amazon-made mobile device are once again heating up. Would you buy an “Amazon Kindle” phone?

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